Giving awards out to your best employees, club supporters, or other group members is one of the best ways to create cohesion and encourage hard work. But if you're new to the world of awards, you may not know all of your options. Plaques are one of the best types of awards for recognizing adult achievements because they're easily displayed on the wall of a home, office, or cubicle. Pick the right plaque for your needs with this handy guide to the main types of award plaques.

Glass Plaques

Etched glass is one of the most popular materials for all kinds of awards, including plaques, because it has an elegant look at an affordable price. Laser or water jet etching is used to carve in the relevant details, then colors are applied to decorate the piece and make it easy to read. These awards are durable and very modern looking, but they are slightly more fragile than other materials like wood and stone.

Certificate Plaques

The simplest plaque award is a simple frame holding a certificate. For a fancier option, try a laminated design that permanently bonds the certificate onto a pressboard or solid wood background. You can add any designs you want to the certificate before it's sealed onto the plaque, making this an affordable way to get exactly the look you want for your award.

Perpetual Plaques

Looking for a way to honor the employee of the month, the year's best salesperson, or any other recurring award? Try a large perpetual plaque that hangs in a common area. Perpetual plaques are designed with a specific area for adding new names at certain intervals of time. For example, a perpetual plaque is a great way to honor members of a club that have passed away.

Frame Awards

For a more personal touch, try a plaque that includes a frame area for adding in artwork or photos. Most of these frames are designed with a printed certificate in mind, but there's nothing stopping you from getting creative. Frame plaques are great for including the company's logo or a photo of the work being recognized without the extra cost of highly realistic etching services.

Wooden Plaques

Wood is a standard material for plaques because it's easily printed over, etched, or even burned for a unique form of lettering. Solid wood plaques offer durability and a classic look, but other composite wood materials may better suit your budget and your needs for a specific style. Don't forget about wood plaques that include screen printed or engraved metal plates over them, which is perhaps the most iconic and classic style of award plaque.

Stone Plaques

A plaque made from a high-end stone like granite or marble sends a very clear message that you value the recipient very much. This is a slightly more expensive choice than most other materials, but the weight and beauty of a stone plaque is incomparable. This material is commonly used for executive awards and other very important events. Stonecast plaques offer the same weight and beauty as a slab, but they tend to cost less and resist cracking better if dropped. Slate is another great material to consider because of its natural beauty.

Regardless of which type of plaque you choose, we offer them all here at Able Recognition. Not sure which award is right for your needs? Contact us today and give us a few details about what you're celebrating. We'll help you choose the right type of award, work with you through the design stages, and ensure you're happy with the finished product.