In order to run a business smoothly, it is essential to keep employees motivated towards their job and the company, and to have them feel appreciated by acknowledging their hard work. Here are some types of awards that can be presented to deserving employees to convince them that they are an integral part of the company rather than a nameless cog in the machinery:

1. Anniversary Award

It is important to acknowledge significant milestones in an employee's career. Whether through celebration of a decade of service, or several, it sends a message to the employees that their hard work is being noticed and appreciated. The award is also used to celebrate the journey of the employee upwards through the company.

The award serves to underline the employee's loyalty and years of faithful service in front of the whole company, serving as an example for younger employees. Some form of present, either in the form of cash or a gift, to accompany the award would also act as an incentive for others to strive to achieve similar longevity in their own careers.

2. Customer Service Award

Not every employee possesses the skills to be able to interact successfully with the company's clients. That is why it is important to highlight employees who do possess such ability so that others may learn from them.

This award can be used to reward employees in any number of fields within the company, and not just in sales. Customer service, legal representation, ad campaigning, and other similar jobs also require the ability to make friends out of customers, and further the company's cause.

3. Employee of the Month Award

This is one of the more frequent awards that can serve to set a standard of excellence for the other employees in a company, while rewarding the one who's work has been exemplary.

The award need not be given to only one employee, but can be awarded to deserving members in every department within the company. The award can also be shared between teams. This kind of certificate is of great help to former employees seeking a job in a new company, and as such provides great motivation to perform well at their current jobs.

4. Innovation Award

The world of business is ever changing and evolving, and companies need to be aware of the latest strategies to employ and technologies to adopt. It is important to acknowledge employees who are able to bring new ideas to the company's attention and thus add value to the company through use of their creativity. It also encourages other employees to put forth their own suggestions for improving the company.

5. Community Service Award

A company's success depends a great deal upon how favorably the general public views them. Thus, it is important to take an active part in improving the local community. Not just a matter of donating money, civic engagement also involves encouraging the company employees to get actively involved in community projects, and rewarding those employees who are able to achieve exemplary results in this field.

6. Sales Award

The most important factor that determines a company's success is sales. And this factor depends on how motivated the employees are to do their job to its fullest extent. Those employees who manage to go above and beyond their normal work expectations to bring in even more sales, either through their skills, tactics or natural ingenuity, deserve to be rewarded for their efforts in front of their superiors and the whole company. This also provides incentive to employees to beat their own sales records in the future.