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57 Creative Award Names for Employee Recognition

Increased employee morale, stronger engagement, and top-notch customer service are some of the benefits enjoyed by companies that have a solid means of recognizing employees. If you desire to take your ROI (Return On Investment) a notch higher, you can never go wrong with acknowledging achievement.

Employee recognition sounds easy as a duck takes to water, right? This might seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is that it’s essential to come up with a solid employee recognition strategy. What is employee recognition all about?

Why Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition revolves around appreciating the accomplishments and hard work of the teams and individuals in your company. This involves fostering emotional connections between your employees and your organization without compromising on the company’s values and the work done by your staff.

Truth be told, recognizing employees offers something that no gift card or tchotchke can – there is no better way to make them feel respected, loved, and even valued. With that said, feel free to borrow a leaf from the following recognition award names.

Employee Recognition Ideas

Choosing the Right Award Name for your Employee Recognition

When considering award names, think about the tone you want to set for the award itself and the event where you present it. What is your company culture and brand and does the award name reflect that? Do you want the award to be fun and humorous or professional and sincere?

For example, an award for being the "Most Organized" is straightforward, but you can liven that up by calling it "The Dewey Decimal Award". Is your top sales rep going to be recognized for "Highest Annual Sales" or as "The Closer"? Do you want to send an employee off into retirement by sincerely recognizing their "Years of Service" or do you want them to laugh every time they walk past a "Sayonara!" award?

Each of those award names have an appropriate time and place, so it's up to you to decide what fits yours best. The award names you pick will affect the tone you're setting both during the award ceremony and afterwards when the employee admires their award.

Top Performer Recognition Award Names

  1. Above and Beyond
  2. Ace of Initiative
  3. Highest of High Fives
  4. President’s Circle
  5. WOW Award
  6. Cloud 9 Collaborator
  7. Chairman’s Award
  8. Cruising and Crushing it
  9. Hyper Helper
  10. Going Beyond
  11. Attention World, Success Is Here
  12. Unparalleled Performance.
  13. Unmatched Dedication.
  14. Pinnacle Award
  15. Beyond the Call of Duty
  16. All You Have Done
  17. Standing Ovation
  18. Surpassing Everest
  19. High Five Award
  20. Your Success is Well-earned
  21. For Always Reaching Out
  22. Spotlight Award
Employee Recognition Award

Thanks to its trapezoid face coupled with triangular sides, the Newberry Wedge is the perfect option to reward hardworking employees. You will be glad to know that an image of your choice can be recreated inside the crystal award using 3D subsurface engraving technology.

Mentor/Leadership Recognition Award Names

  1. You’re a Gem
  2. You Inspire Us All
  3. Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Efforts
  4. 3 Cheers
  5. Sidekick Salute
  6. You Made The Difference
  7. Galactic Gratitude
  8. Associate Appreciation
  9. Key Contributor
  10. Your Dedication Never Goes Unnoticed
  11. PROPS

Retirement Award Names

  1. Exiting in Excellence
  2. Dedication and Service
  3. Extraordinary Service
  4. Remarkable Dedication
  5. We Bid You Adios
Employee Retirement Recognition Award

The Orwell Gold Clock Award is an excellent way to show appreciation for many years of dedication. This timepiece will serve as a daily reminder of your recognition for their loyalty and commitment.

Dealer/Sales-Incentive Programs Award Names

The most important factor that determines a company's success is sales. And this factor depends on how motivated the employees are to do their job to its fullest extent. Those employees who manage to go above and beyond their normal work expectations to bring in even more sales, either through their skills, tactics or natural ingenuity, deserve to be rewarded for their efforts in front of their superiors and the whole company. This also provides incentive to employees to beat their own sales records in the future.

  1. V12 Award
  2. Sales Attainment Award
  3. Big Kahuna Award
  4. Sales Frontrunner Award
  5. Chief Closer
  6. 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Position Award
  7. Exceptional Salesmanship
  8. Best Performer
  9. Gold/Silver/Bronze Sales Attainment

Safety Award Names

  1. Top-notch Accuracy
  2. Safety Star Award
  3. Safety Star Award
  4. Safety Goal Setter
  5. Constant Caution
  6. Safety Achievement
  7. Safe Driving
  8. Excellently Safe
  9. Safety Recognition
  10. Golden Shield Award
Safety Recognition Award

The eagle is a symbol of many things, and key among them is courage. The Soaring Eagle Crystal Award is a sure fire way to award any safety champion. The Bradenton Star Crystal Award will motivate your sales team to conquer greater heights. Why not give it a shot and see for yourself?

Turn Employees Recogntion Ideas into Practice

Companies who offer thoughtful employee recognition awards show their employees that their leaders notice what is going on within the company’s infrastructure. Employees appreciate when they are recognized for their loyalty and that their efforts are noticed by company leaders.

The motivation of employees should not necessarily stop with material incentives. Public recognition of employees in the form of honorary diplomas and awards can have a strongly motivate your employees to conduct their duties with a high level of zeal and initiative. This is the reason many companies honor their employees with recognition awards. If you want some of the best designs for your recognition awards, you can count on Able Recognition to show your appreciation in the most compelling and deeply felt vocabulary.

Companies that recognize employee successes notice stronger employee engagement, increased morale, productivity, and longevity. Improving employee turnover is a challenge for most companies. You may wonder if you can fit awards into your budget – but can you afford not to?

The type of award you decide to give to your employees is as important as the meaning behind the recognition. There are many bestsellers to pick from at Able Recognition – and something for every type of award. Able Recognition can help you choose the appropriate award to be given to your valuable employees for any occasion or award type or theme. Take a look at their amazing awards including beautiful crystal, art glass, and much more.

Many organizations around the world have award programs that appreciate employees for coming up with the most successful product, retaining the most customers, making the highest sales, among others. What is more, other companies always recognize their rookie of the year and MVP. Such companies are aware that their success or failure is highly dependent on their employees.

Giving awards to employees has passed the test of time in terms of increasing engagement and recognizing employee effort. What are you waiting for? Try it out today and enjoy all the bonuses that come with it.

In order to run a business smoothly, it is essential to keep employees motivated towards their job and the company, and to have them feel appreciated by acknowledging their hard work. Here are some types of awards that can be presented to deserving employees to convince them that they are an integral part of the company rather than a nameless cog in the machinery:

Anniversary Award

It is important to acknowledge significant milestones in an employee's career. Whether through celebration of a decade of service, or several, it sends a message to the employees that their hard work is being noticed and appreciated. The award is also used to celebrate the journey of the employee upwards through the company.

The award serves to underline the employee's loyalty and years of faithful service in front of the whole company, serving as an example for younger employees. Some form of present, either in the form of cash or a gift, to accompany the award would also act as an incentive for others to strive to achieve similar longevity in their own careers.

Customer Service Award

Not every employee possesses the skills to be able to interact successfully with the company's clients. That is why it is important to highlight employees who do possess such ability so that others may learn from them.

This award can be used to reward employees in any number of fields within the company, and not just in sales. Customer service, legal representation, ad campaigning, and other similar jobs also require the ability to make friends out of customers, and further the company's cause.

Employee of the Month Award

This is one of the more frequent awards that can serve to set a standard of excellence for the other employees in a company, while rewarding the one who's work has been exemplary.

The award need not be given to only one employee, but can be awarded to deserving members in every department within the company. The award can also be shared between teams. This kind of certificate is of great help to former employees seeking a job in a new company, and as such provides great motivation to perform well at their current jobs.

Innovation Award

The world of business is ever changing and evolving, and companies need to be aware of the latest strategies to employ and technologies to adopt. It is important to acknowledge employees who are able to bring new ideas to the company's attention and thus add value to the company through use of their creativity. It also encourages other employees to put forth their own suggestions for improving the company.

Community Service Award

A company's success depends a great deal upon how favorably the general public views them. Thus, it is important to take an active part in improving the local community. Not just a matter of donating money, civic engagement also involves encouraging the company employees to get actively involved in community projects, and rewarding those employees who are able to achieve exemplary results in this field.

10 Important Employee Recognition Ideas

Everyone enjoys the recognition of their time, effort and work they do. Below are 10 ideas that you can give recognition for:

  1. Working overtime and filling in when needed. Within a company there are usually at least one or two employees who always step in to work overtime when it is needed. These folks are sometimes employees who are quiet and unassuming and don’t draw attention to themselves. Awards given to this type of employee helps them get the recognition they deserve.
  2. Newbie to the workplace. This award can be given to a company newcomer who has met requirements and has done an outstanding job. Newcomers will feel encouraged and news will get out that your employees are appreciated when the perform well.
  3. Ideas put into action. When you have an employee that has had an idea that is put into action – an award will encourage other workers to share ideas. Your employees will become motivated to be innovative and creative.
  4. Award for award ideas. Ask your employees what type of awards would mean the most. Keep in mind - awards don’t always have to be serious. Create a fun environment by initiating a fun award for the employee that comes up with the best award theme. To mix it up a little – have a contest for the most thoughtful award and the most creative (yet tasteful) award.
  5. Anniversary award. One of the most thoughtful employee recognition awards is that for a milestone anniversary with your company.
  6. Taking the lead. Sometimes there are employees who take the lead when it comes to a difficult job or project. The characteristics of these employees should be recognized for them to continue with their forward thinking and inspire others to take their turn at leading projects.
  7. High attendance. Employee absenteeism is something that plagues many businesses. Awards given for high work attendance will cheer others on to do the same.
  8. Peer to peer recognition. Recognition from co-workers to another is meaningful and creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace. You may ask your employees to come up with criteria that should be met to qualify or a nomination process to choose the best candidate.
  9. Don’t forget support staff. Sometimes support staff can be the quiet behind the scenes employees who have the responsibilities of keeping your business running smoothly, yet are least recognized. Make sure they get their due awards.
  10. Important life milestones. When a company acknowledges life milestones such as weddings, graduations, and births (to name a few) – they show their employees that they keep track of important details of their employees’ lives.

Wording Ideas For Employee Recognition Awards

Writing a recognition award letter allows you to show gratitude to an esteemed employee for their contribution and also to reinforce the actions and behaviors that have warranted that award. Awards provide the recipient with exceptional and personal recognition from the upper-level manager who presents it to them. Recognition awards can be presented in a wide variety of vases, bowls, plaques, glass, and crystals, all depending on your budget. Here is a look at how to write a recognition award letter.

How Do You Reward Your Best Employees?

Employee recognition awards are not assigned immediately but typically slated for a specific date, a corporate holiday, a public holiday, or the day a company was established. You may also decide to give away team recognition award letters. These letters are prepared by the supervisor of the recipient of the award. The petition needs to be made according to the design adopted by the company.

Typically, the employee's direct manager compiles the content of the document. The one presenting the award may be the branch manager, department manager, or the managing director. Next, the document is attributed to the director, who decides whether it should be approved or rejected. Finally, an award letter will be completed with the following format:

  • The name of the event or organization, and the time frame for the event
  • Name of the recipient of the award, their position, and their personnel number
  • The type of award (honorary diploma, ticket, cash e.t.c.) and the reason the employee is receiving the award
  • Signature of the CEO and their signature details (surname and initials)
  • The employee's name confirming they have acknowledged the letter

An excellent example of a recognition award based on the above format will look something like this:

Name of the organizationComptech Solutions
Name of the awardHonorary Degree
Name of the Recipient of the awardJohn Smith
Date of the award13th March 2020
Reason for the awardAppreciation for your efforts to provide software solutions that have made the field of Information Technology much relevant to the modern-day digital needs

Some of the options for wording your appreciation gifts or awards are as follows:

Employee Award Wording Idea 1:

Company logo
Thank you for your contributions towards the
Project Name/Goal
We genuinely acknowledge your efforts
Recipient’s Name:

Employee Award Wording Idea 2:

In appreciation
Many years of service and dedication
Presented to
Recipient Name:

Employee Award Wording Idea 3:

We are truly grateful for
The time, effort, and skills
Of our Volunteers
Thank you for all your work.
Recipient Name:

Employee Award Wording Idea 4:

With our deepest
We wish to present
Recipient Name:
With this award to acknowledge
Your dedicated service
To our organization

Employee Award Wording Idea 5:

This appreciation award
Is presented to
Recipient’s Name:
For your passion, initiative
And the support of attaining our company goals

Employee Award Wording Idea 6:

In grateful appreciation
Going the extra mile
To respond to customer requests
Promptly and comprehensively
You are a real model
Of what our company represents
Recipient Name: