Every business owner or office manager would like to increase their employee’s productivity. Increasing the amount of work accomplished by your employees doesn’t take a lot of work. By adding a little more fun to your employees’ work environment they will accomplish more and enjoy their work. Production increases when employees are happy with their work place – and more often than not it has nothing to do with money.

Creative productivity boosters don’t have to be costly and can be put into place more easily than you might think. Employee recognition with a custom crystal award will show your staff they are appreciated and something they will cherish for years to come.


Everyone enjoys a challenge – and the list is endless – here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Walking challenge: Walking is one of the healthiest forms of exercise and we’ve all heard that our daily goal should be to get in at least 10k steps per day. That’s hard for people who work in an office. Set up a challenge where your employees track their steps for 30 days. This can lead to walking groups at lunch and after work which will improve office morale. For large a business, employees can break up into teams – and of course, the winners receive a prize – a personalized custom crystal award.

Water drinking challenge: Healthcare professionals tell us we should drink 8 glasses of water each day. Another fun and healthy challenge – keeping track of how much water consumed. If you’re able, you can even provide the containers with your business logo of course.


There are many productivity boosters that involve food.

Once or twice a year have a pot-luck, healthy food day, appetizer share – you name it. You can tie these fun food days in with a sport, holiday or just for fun.

Cooking contest: What better way to start the upcoming football season than having a chili contest. Depending on the number of employees you could have various categories – hottest, best without meat, tastiest non-traditional chili – and the list goes on.

The holidays bring food ideas galore. Cookie sharing is a fun way to get your place of business into the holiday mood. Favorite recipes, recipe sharing – and even putting together employees’ favorite recipes will help make your group more cohesive while having a good time.


Employees appreciate being recognized for the work they do. That in itself increases productivity. When you show your special employees how valued they are – you will see for yourself a change in their attitude along with an increase in their work. Whatever productivity booster you choose – reward them with a custom crystal award that they can display with pride.