A recent survey found that negotiating a raise is the biggest challenge faced by office managers. Fortunately, there are things you can do throughout the year to make this request easier. In fact, everything from how you select corporate gifts for meetings to the way you ask for your raise can impact your boss’ response. Take a look at the tips from office managers below to find out how you can successfully negotiate your raise.

1. Anticipate Your Office’s Needs

Nothing makes you indispensable faster than knowledge. Being able to anticipate your office's needs makes you harder to replace. This causes your boss to work harder to keep you on staff. Consider suggesting marketing ideas, such as sending corporate gifts to major clients. Undertaking this type of project without being asked shows a lot of initiative and concern for the company. Employers find this dedication invaluable.

2. Save Your Office Money

The ability to save your office money across departments is another skill that makes an office manager irreplaceable. Stay on top of discounts and offers from major retailers and suppliers. The best way to do this is to subscribe to flyers and magazines from companies that sell stationery and corporate gifts. You should also subscribe to email lists from local and national vendors.

3. Work With Multiple Departments

Apply your organizational and managerial skills to multiple departments if possible. This gives you a chance to expand on underdeveloped skills and to acquire new ones. It is also another fantastic way to make you indispensable to your office. Possessing skills that a new hire could not possibly have gives you an advantage when negotiating higher pay. One way to initiate conversation with other departments is to discuss mail outs containing corporate gifts. This type of project can put you in touch with each department in your company.

4. Maintain A Friendly Working Environment

Managing the staff may not be part of your job description, but taking on this role helps you control the office atmosphere. Studies show that a friendly working environment results in fewer sick days and improved employee morale. Happy employees are more productive and easier to manage. This is one of the hardest parts of office management, but your job becomes a lot easier once you acquire this skill.

5. Come To The Meeting Prepared

Keep a detailed description of your responsibilities and the tasks you perform on a daily basis. All successful office managers bring these lists with them into salary negotiation meetings. They also keep a second list of all the money they have saved the company over the past year, and how they managed to do so. For example, switching the business you purchase corporate gifts from could save your company hundreds. Office managers who can successfully trim the budget without impacting employee morale always impress employers.

Office managers who follow these tips enter negotiations with increased confidence. This boost in morale often leads to a successful meeting with your boss. Remember never be afraid to ask for what you deserve.