Do you want to recognize an employee or colleague for their hard work? There are lots of different types of awards you can use to do that. However, few awards have the significance and elegance of a custom crystal award.

A custom crystal award tells the recipient that you truly value their efforts and that the award has special meaning. It also gives them something that they'll be proud to display in their home or office.

If you've never ordered a custom crystal award, though, the choices may overwhelm you. You can get a crystal award in nearly any shape and type of design that you like. You can also personalize the award with any type of text or image. Before you order your crystal award, it's important that you consider exactly what it is you want and need. Here are a few questions to ask to make sure you get the best award for your special occasion:

Should it be fun or formal?

Consider your organization and the nature of the award before you pick out a design. Some awards may call for a more formal design, while others may be more appropriate for a quirky and fun style.

For example, if the award is for someone's devotion to charitable work, then a more formal design may be in order. You may look at awards such as the Wingham Optical Crystal or the Chesapeake Blue and Clear.

On the other hand, an award for, say, a company's friendliest employee may call for a less defined design. An award like that Aspire could work well because it's just a circle and you can engrave and design it in any fun style you want.

How can you make it more personal?

It's easy to simply etch an award with the name of the award, the name of the recipient, and the date. However, keep in mind that Able Recognition can do any design you want. Be creative and think of a way to make the award more personal.

Does the recipient have a favorite quote that you could have engraved on the award? Could you mention why they won? For example, you could put on the award, "For valuable contributions in leading XYZ Company to record sales in 2015." The award doesn't have to be generic. Think of how you can make it more fun and meaningful for your recipient.

How will it be displayed?

Another important consideration is where the award is likely to be displayed. Many people don't think of this and just go with the biggest award they can find. Bigger isn't necessarily better, though. That's especially true when the recipient sits in a small cubicle.

Think about the recipients office and what size award may be most suitable. Would a large crystal award overtake their entire desk space? Would a small award get lost in their office? If the award will go in the lobby, is it sizable enough to be noticed? You may not know exactly on where they plan to keep it, but you may have some ideas. Don't overlook this when placing your order.

A crystal award can be a great way to tell someone how much you truly appreciate their work. This year, don't go with the usual gift cards and promo items. Make your awards mean something. Give crystal awards from Able Recognition to your most deserving recipients.