You know the drill, everyone gets called into the boardroom for a boring award ceremony to recognize standout employees. Employee recognition is sadly all too often a quiet time when employees gather and barely clap at the mention of a name and award. Many employees don't feel valued and some employees may not even get awarded for an outstanding performance. Be the company that stands out by pumping up your employee recognition program. Here's five ways that HR professionals can pep up the entire team and have better performance as a whole because of it.

1. Record Accomplishments

No matter how good you do, many times the moment slips away and you forget the outstanding performance. Beat memory loss by writing down special accomplishments by each employee. Have employees write down one another's accomplishments as well throughout the week. One great thing about having all employees involved is it will cut down on anyone getting overlooked. Share the accomplishments aloud at weekly meetings.

2. Give A Bonus

The best way to feel loved is to get everyone involved in the recognition process. Have employees nominate other employees for a special award each month. The employee with the most nominations gets awarded with a bonus, whether it be monetary, a day off or gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Employees will feel appreciated by not only their peers, but also management.

3. Custom Plaques

People love showing off their accomplishments. Offer custom crystal awards and custom wood plaques to allow employees to showcase their achievements in the office. They can hang these in their office or place them on their desk. Custom plaques are a physical way to feel awarded and appreciated in the office space. Custom plaques are also perfect because you can never have too many trophies in your cabinet. Reaching goals is much more fun when you know there is a physical award at the end of the tunnel.

3. Performance Review Revamp

Performance reviews are scary to many employees. Make them fun and focus on positive before negative. Make sure to boost the positive and talk about the best ways they motivate the entire team. Of course, there's always constructive criticism, but always follow a negative with a positive. Make the employee feel as if they aren't failing even if they aren't perfect. Have these discussions outside the office in a fun environment so you remove the employee from any negative vibes of a boring office space.

4. Spotlight Employees

Shine the spotlight on employees by giving them public recognition. Again, people love to show off their accomplishments! Share stories of their accomplishments on the company website or newsletter. This helps employees feel motivated to work harder so they are recognized throughout the company. You can even devote an entire blog or social media to their accomplishments for an extra boost.

5. Offer A Sabbatical

Employees with Ebay's StubHub are offered a one month sabbatical after five years with the company. Employees must take a month off without access to their company e-mail so they can recharge their professional batteries. This leads to incentives to work hard and push forward to reach this milestone. After employees return to work the thought is they feel refreshed and ready to conquer new challenges.

In conclusion, employee recognition doesn't have to be boring and scary. Pump up the entire office by making employees feel wanted and feel like fun is okay. Motive employees to work harder by creating a fun office space and recognizing their performance. If employees are happy and working hard, management will be happy and working hard.