Rewarding someone for a job well done is a good way to thank someone whose performance exceeds your expectations. Whether it’s an individual or the whole company, any one of these gifts might be the perfect way to recognize and reward them.

Food Gift Baskets

Your budget will dictate the size and frequency of food gift baskets you can use as a way to thank or recognize your customers. Fruit baskets, healthy snacks, cheese and crackers, cookies and candy are all easy to order and contain something that most everyone will enjoy. After it’s emptied, the organization can repurpose the basket or send it home with an employee.

Societally Responsible Gifts

A few nonprofit organizations take contributions to fund efforts to make the planet a better place. If your client or customer would appreciate such a gift in their name, consider programs that support the greater good. When you make your contribution, you can specify that it’s a gift and that the thank you letter and literature be sent to their office.

The Heifer Project uses donations to fund the purchase of livestock to give to families in third world countries. These animals put them on the road to self-sufficiency. You can choose from farm animals and other revenue-producing start-up gear like knitting kits and cheese-making gear.

The Rainforest Trust originates “leases” for rainforest land that it takes out of production permanently. Your gift eliminates the deforestation of the forests, increases biological diversity and may prevent species extinction.

Trophies and Awards

If they haven’t already, most companies have a place to display the honors and trophies they’ve collected. An engraved commemorative plaque or free-standing trophy will record the event, accomplishment, or appreciation you have for the recipient.

Hung on a wall or placed in a cabinet where every employee can see it, it will be a lasting reminder of their accomplishment, whether large or small.

Such gifts are two-way streets. It rewards you to make your appreciation a lasting thought inside the company. The employees who participated will feel rewarded by your actions and those coming onboard in the future will see that you and your company respond to positive performance and accomplishments. 


One of the greatest incentives in the corporate world are vacation getaways. Whether it’s a weekend or longer, an all-expenses-paid trip makes an excellent reward for a job well done.

Be sure to look around before you book the trip for discounted travel deals and choose neutral locations. Topical travel ideas include spa weekends, adventure travel, or weekend courses devoted to learning a new craft or skill.

Bottom Line

Your imagination may be the limit when it comes to gifting. Things like gift baskets and getaways have proven track records for showing appreciation. Trophies and plaques last for years and constantly remind those who see them that personal and company achievements don’t go unnoticed. Whatever your choice, rewards create a win-win situation.