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Team & Department Awards with Wording Ideas

One of the best ways to improve employee morale and to boost worker productivity is to demonstrate your appreciation for what they do and everything they contribute to the company. There are a number of ways you can do this, but one of the best, most tangible ways to show off your appreciation is with a team and department award. Perhaps you're interested in a plaque, or maybe a trophy. Whatever you might be interested you need to make sure you have the right wording.

Don't just go with a ready-made "#1 Employee" trophy. It doesn't reflect well on you if it's obvious you just picked something random off a shelf at the local office supply store. Instead, you want something that shows you care for your employees by personalizing the award. If you happen to be drawing a blank on what to place on the award here are a few tips and suggestions on team and department awards along with the wording.

Ideas for Department Awards

What To Write On An Appreciation Award

Whether you are handing out an appreciation award for the month or for the completion of a given task you will want to indicate the reason for why you're presenting the person with the award. However, beyond that, you might wonder what else you should include on the award. Some of it will depend on the space and the exact reason, but some examples and some suggestions for information to place on the award includes:

Example Team Award #1

Company Team Award
Presented to
Department Name
Thanks For “Delivering the Goods”

Example Team Award #2

Marketing Department Award
25% Growth in Membership Leads
Recognizing the Significant Contributions
To Everyone on the Team Who Made it Happen
Company Name
The Management Team

Example Team Award #3

In Recognition of
Product Name Launch/Milestone
Presented to
Division Name
The Board of Directors
Commends Your Team
On The Excellent Work

If there is just a single award given out it is straight forward with what to place on it (in terms of the name of the award). However, you might have a special ceremony where a number of awards are given out for varying reasons. In these instances, you'll want to include the name of the event and the name of the award.

Including the logo is a good idea. For one, it shows you had the award specially made. Plus it looks nice when it is hanging up on the recipient's wall (it won't look as generic). And, it's also a good way to advertise yourself. After all, if there's an opportunity to place your logo on something you should take advantage of it.

Above all else, make sure to double-check the spelling of everything. Nothing brings the meaning of an award crashing to the ground like misspelling the recipient's name.

Award Verbiage

So maybe you know the basic information you want to include on it, but you're struggling with the actual phrasing. You want just the right word to use but you're not coming up with it off the top of your head. This is where using a thesaurus is a fantastic tool as it can help give you a plethora of words to consider.

Some words and phrases you might want to consider for the award include: dedication, initiative, appreciation, talent, enthusiasm, contributions, or something along these lines (and feel free to plug these words into a thesaurus for alternatives to the words).

Showcase Your Appreciation with an Award

These are a few of the team and department awards with wording ideas you should consider. It doesn't need to say much (and in fact, you normally don't have a ton of open space on most traditional trophies and plaques), but it needs to indicate how much you appreciate everything the individual has done for your place of business. You would not be able to thrive and succeed without quality employees, and this small token of your gratitude will go a long way in keeping your workers happy and putting in the continued effort for your business. Contact Able Recognition to get a rush order on custom engraved awards now.