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Award Ideas for Departing Employees

It's always a tricky thing to think of awards to present employees who are leaving the company, either through retirement or to move onto a new job. There are many factors to consider, including how long the employee has been in service, what kind of a position he or she held in the company, what kind of work history they had and the specific reason for leaving the company.

Along with the farewell gift, there are many kinds of awards that employee can be presented with. The trick is to give them something that is relevant to their experience in their years of service. Keeping that in mind, here are some ideas for awards to give to departing employees:

Award Ideas for Leaving Valued Employees

1. Performance Award

To be given to the employee who has a proven track record of service for the company. This award is used to acknowledge the services to the company that the employee has delivered over the years. The award can be given on behalf of the company, or personally from the head of the office to the departing employee. The award can be named the Pinnacle award, the Spotlight award, the Standing Ovation, the Chairman's award or the President's award.

2. Recognition Club Award

This award is meant to signal the employee's entry into the club of exceptional employees within the company. This is a rare honor to be awarded to the departing employee whose work has been of exceptional quality and distinction. Names that can be chosen from for the award are the Circle of Excellence, the Hall of Fame and the Honor Club.

3. Above and Beyond Award

Some employees go far beyond their ordinary work expectations to deliver truly exceptional levels of performance. The award can be given to honor initiatives taken on the employee's part to add greater value to the company. Some names that can be give to the award are the Ace of Initiative, Could Nine Collaborator, Exceptional Service award and the Dependable.

4. Peer to Peer Award

It is important to have recognition from the peers during the last day of the employee's job at the company. For this, some manner of peer to peer award should be given to the employee to act as a token of their love and appreciation. The award can be called a number of things, such as Associate Appreciation, Sidekick Salute, Key Contributor and the Fellow Gratitude award.

5. Perfect Attendance Award

It is the rare employee who can manage to find the time to come to work everyday and maintain a perfect attendance. Such dedication on the part of the departing employee deserves recognition and a salute. Such an award can be name the Perfect Presence award, Superb Showing, Absolute Attendance and the Shows Up Everyday award.

6. Customer Service Award

For employees who have shown exceptional ability while interacting with clients, the customer service award is a way to reward their talent. Not every employee possesses the communication skills to be allowed to interact with the company's customers. This award can be a nice way to personalize the award so that it holds greater meaning for the departing employee. Some names to choose from can be the Calmer of Storms, the Customer Whisperer, the Client Comforter, the Soul Soother and the At Your Service award.

7. Retirement Award

This is the award that needs to be presented to every employee who can finished his or her time with the company and is on the verge of retiring, and can be named the We Bid You Adieu, Exiting in Excellence, Leaving a Legacy or Farewell Friend.