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Crystal Awards

Crystal Awards

Able Recognition Ltd. is the leading provider of crystal awards in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer custom crystal trophies and awards suitable for recognizing valued employees, gifting to corporate clients and for personal mementos at wedding, anniversary and graduation celebrations. With 30 years of experience, free personalized, deep etch engraving and expert customer service representatives, Able Recognition is the only place to turn for customized crystal awards and unique, high quality crystal accessories.

Crystal Awards for Employee Appreciation

Crystal awards are a great way to acknowledge and recognize the top performers in your organization. Custom crystal awards with unique designs, in a wide range of styles, colored glass, and other elements, provide a memorable award that shows your employees that you appreciate their hard work, retirement, sales performance, or any other employee recognition type acknowledgment. 


Sandblasted Crystal Awards


A technique called abrasive etching, or sandblasting, is used for crystal awards. Small details can be etched in while sandblasting also gives depth to the engraving on crystal awards. It starts with etching in your words and logo. Next, your custom-made crystal award undergoes an ultraviolet vacuum table exposure unit, where the mask for engraving the crystal award is created. Then, the next step in the process involves placing the award in a blasting cabinet and one of our experienced artists will use a blast wand to shoot aluminum oxide onto the engraving area of the award. In the area where the mask was not exposed to the ultraviolet light, the diazo washes away and the blast can penetrate the surface of the crystal award. The etching process occurs at this point. After the etching is complete, the crystal award is put in a water tank. It’s then removed, and the custom-made crystal award is inspected after it has dried. Clearly, you can see that sandblasting is a time-consuming process that, ultimately, will produce a crystal award that any deserving person would truly appreciate. 


Custom Crystal Awards and Trophies

Crystal awards are a stunning way to recognize the dedication of your employees and memorialize special events. Crystal awards are perfect for recognizing years of service, sales achievements, leadership, employee appreciation, and retirement. Our crystal awards can be customized with engraving and etching, including Deep Etch and Dimensions 3D Laser Engraving. 
3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards

3D laser technology is revolutionizing crystal awards, and Able Recognition is at the forefront of leveraging this new trend. The laser etching process allows for a 3D designs to be created within the crystal, opening up a world of custom design possibilities. A custom crystal award can contain 3D artwork, logos, graphics, or text that will appear as if “floating” within the clear crystal. 

Recognizing the achievements of employees, whether that’s a work anniversary, leadership acknowledgment, or simply just appreciation for their hard work - with a laser-engraved crystal award is something that they’ll never forget.

How Does 3D Laser Crystal Etching Work?
Dimensions 3D laser engraving is achieved by focusing the laser on a point in three-dimensional space such that the laser beam passes through the crystal’s surface without marking it and instead creates an “etched” mark within the body of the crystal. By grouping clusters of these laser-etched spots, 3D designs that would otherwise be impossible to create can be “magically” put into a solid crystal award. See our collection of 3D laser engraved crystal awards for examples of what this unique process can create. These awards are very impressive when you can appreciate the 3D effect in person.
Personalized 3D Laser-Etched Crystal Awards

Our 3D laser-etched custom crystal awards come in numerous shapes, designs, and sizes to make your ceremony a success. With engraving, texture addition, and unique sizing options, you don’t have to look far when it comes to harnessing 3D laser technology. Personalized crystal awards are a great way to express appreciation for years of service, reaching sales goals, retirement, and other worthy milestones. With a variety of shapes and sizes, we can tailor the perfect crystal award for any type of recognition.  



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