How do you create an environment in the workplace that increases on-site morale? Appreciated employees help to facilitate a productive work setting. Provide your employees with reasons to celebrate by giving them the attention and recognition they deserve. When your treasured employee’s work anniversary comes around let them know you care by incorporating a few unforgettable ideas to cater to their need to be appreciated! Below are some great suggestions that have been making their rounds to workplaces everywhere! 

Prepare for Employee Success

Handout or Email/Text Simple Questionnaires-- Do you know your employee--really? What’s their favorite hobby, who's their favorite person(best colleague)—favorite color—favorite dessert? Taking the time to familiarize yourself with those investing their time in your business lets employees know they are valued.  Those little details may not seem important in the moment, but later on, can help you create an unforgettable celebration that is personal and customized to each employee's special anniversary.

Apply What You've Gathered

Put a plan into place-- For companies that may have a more structured business setting in place, large celebrations could distract and disturb how work is done. In the same way, businesses that utilize different work strategies may benefit from a more involved celebration. Below are some ideas that cater to a variety of work dynamics

1.) Remember that questionnaire? If you're all out of ideas, get in touch with your worker's closest friend/colleague to organize a fun workplace shindig to celebrate their years or year of service.

2.) Get them a custom-made gift, preferably from a local business. In this way, you are supporting the community and providing for your employee's need to be appreciated.

3.) Let them eat cake! (Or another favorite dessert you know they love.) Try to personalize it with special touches only a loyal employee would appreciate.

4.) Find ways to utilize their unique value by gifting them with a fun and quirky trophy or award. Are they into fishing? Presenting them with a "Number One Fisherman" might be a silly but thoughtful way to show them you appreciate them. "Leading Coffee Drinker," and Mister or Miss Congeniality are some other trophies or badges of honor that are popular choices.

5.) Thoughtful doesn't always equate to being totally out of the box. A well-thought-out note penned by you or even an anniversary card signed by all the associates with personal messages can mean so much.

6.) Spruce up their workspace. If they love party favors, balloons or a bit of a fuss, surprise them when on their anniversary you decorate their desk with over the top celebratory opulence. Balloons and colorful signs can cheer up their atmosphere and help them feel a little spoiled with positive attention. 

7.) For the employee who has a heavy workload, monetary gifts or gift cards may not be as well-received. Create a jar of voluntary favors that each fellow worker chooses to perform to help the employee with their daily tasks.  "I will bring coffee for the day," "I will dump your garbage bin," "I will organize your supply drawer," these are all thoughtful tasks that bring your busy worker a little relief. Lightening their load can really let them know you understand all the work they have and will do for you.

At the end of the day, keep your loyal employees happy with their job by giving them that extra nod that says: "Hey, nice work, I truly appreciate all you do for our business!"