Giftology has become a core way to keep your brand on the surface of your clients' minds throughout the year. It extends beyond your clients, of course. The gratitude you show your prospects will pay off every time they have a new and profitable resource to share with you. Your referrers deserve to be wowed in the same way, and that tiny hint of thoughtfulness will bring you measurable returns. Don't forget your human assets when you're showing your gratitude.They're your most valuable assets, after all. If time is short, gift concierges will handle personalization, handwritten notes, and exquisite packaging.  

The White Collar Sophisticate

Gifts that will be treasured in the office have clear benefits for your bottom line. Bookends, pencil holders, and compasses speak to the sophistication of your brand. Align them with your corporate culture, and you create a memorable token of appreciation. If you’re rewarding white collar prospects, discount bin offerings won’t do. Clients should be thrilled by your offering, and personalization achieves exactly that. Great gift givers make sure their gifts are considered and relevant to the recipient, so customized engravings are remarkably effective. Don’t feel you have to put your logo on your gifts, though—that turns your offering into a promotional item rather than a token of gratitude.

The Connoisseur

Artistic clients will appreciate artisanal foods and wines. Food is always valued, so it’s ideal for those who are difficult to buy for. The challenge lies in bringing an element of sophistication to this kind of gift, so seek out cut glass barrels and engraved bowls. This way, a short-lived gift outlasts the season. Choose a delicious Chianti or Mantova vinegar for those with a taste for the unusual. Engraved olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles will be kept long after their contents have been enjoyed. 

The Stylish Creative

Flowers never become irrelevant. They’re a classic that breathes new life into an office while making the recipient feel cherished. A personalized vase transforms a simple arrangement into a meaningful and lasting tribute.

The Busy Writer

Content writers and advertisers will value an exquisite pen set. A Sunderland Clock set will win valuable space on your prospect’s desk, keeping you in their mind the next time they have a profitable referral.

The Spiritual Corporate

Inukshuks are Inuit sculptures representing the spirit of interconnection or Ubuntu. That client who’s always first to remember your birthday or who repeatedly invites you to yoga classes will adore the symbolism of this kind of gift. Personalize the base and you have a treasure that will speak volumes about the profundity of your business relationships.


There’s something regal and stately about a timepiece, so mantel clocks and the like are perfect for those clients who spend their workweeks in partnership meetings and jet-setting around the world. Cocks are timeless and well-loved, but they can also be symbolic. When you write your cards, the symbolism of your gift can help you to craft a beautiful message.

The Active Vacationer

Experiential gifts like memberships and vacations provide what money can’t buy: memories. If you’re gifting along these lines, a token ornament can be given alongside it to give your offering more meaning and permanence.

The more personal your gift, the more it will be valued. The days when you could get away with handing out T-shirts and hats are over. Your brand and business relationships have genuine value, and what you give should reflect that.