There are many milestones that are usually celebrated in a work setting. Birthdays, graduations, births rank high for a cause for celebrations – but the biggest milestone of all is retirement.

With more and more baby boomers reaching retirement age, you want to be able to recognize a retiree’s accomplishments with a gift that will commemorate this special time in their life. You can make the gift as unique as they are.

Foolproof Retirement Gift Ideas

Coming up with a unique retirement gift doesn’t have to be a difficult task. When most people retire, they do so with the plan and hope to do the things they haven’t had the time to do while they were working. A unique gift relating to their personal interests will be something they will be able to cherish forever.

  • Experiences. Retirees may not need ‘things’. What they appreciate is an experience. Think about giving them tickets for an event or concert. How about a gift that will let them ‘do’ something they’ve wanted to do – like sky-diving or bungee jumping. A helicopter ride over your city or local landmark would be something they would never expect. They’ll always remember that their workplace gave them an experience they wouldn’t have thought of doing themselves.
  • Travel. Many retirees plan on traveling shortly after they retire. If this is the case, there are many gifts to choose from. Luggage, books on travel, a gas card for road-trips, even cash to help them enjoy more adventures as they travel.  
  • Hobby-related gifts. You can tailor your gift choice around the retiree’s hobbies. If it’s golf, a gift from their favorite golf course. Fishing? A gift from their favorite fishing store. Nothing is more appreciated by a wine connoisseur than a special bottle of wine from a favorite winery. Use your imagination and coordinate the gift to their activities.
  • Lessons. For the retiree who has specific interests, lessons might be the ideal gift. Singing, dancing, yoga or musical instrument lessons will give them new experiences and something new to learn.
  • Personalized gifts. A unique personalized gift is something they can keep and reflect upon all of the years they spent on-the-job. Crystal or art glass awards are memorable gifts to commemorate a retirement. Personalized glasses in a beautiful gift box is a thoughtful way to honor your retiree.

Being Thoughtful

People look forward to retirement but it is also a nostalgic milestone. The most important thing to the retiree is to feel appreciated as they leave the workplace behind. Nothing says that more eloquently than a thoughtful gift and farewell.