The Pareto Principle states that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Studies show that a meager 5% increase in customer retention can generate a 95% rise in profitability. Repeat customers also buy 30% more than first-time clients. In other words, the effort you put into making your regular supporters feel appreciated has astronomical effects on your bottom line, and something as simple as a “thank you” gift generates measurable returns on your investment.

Of course, you can’t hold onto your clients if your staff morale is in the doldrums. They, too, need to know they’re a part of something greater and that their work is having an impact on your company. Your corporate gifts also encourage positive performance by your service providers, from your manufacturers to your suppliers. If you’re having a year-end event, thank you gifts provide structure and focus, along with an extra dose of appreciation.

Managing Your Wording

Traditional desktop and wall-mounted plaques can be offered with a personally written letter of thanks. People are highly responsive to symbolism and ritual, so your thank you gifts will encourage service excellence.

The wording of your gift should include:

  • The name of the person being recognized.
  • The award title.
  • The name of your company or event.
  • The date.
  • The reason the award is being offered.

It’s important that your wording is precise because general terms aren’t evocative or effective. You can also make your gift a part of your brand identity by including your company logo and wording that fits your corporate culture. Think of the gift as an opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s personality. Generic gratitude is far less effective than personalized appreciation. Choose fonts and plaques that express your business’ character equally well. If a sense of humor is a part of that culture, don’t be afraid to adjust your wording to suit a more light-hearted atmosphere.

Choosing Your Gift

  • Plaques are offered in delicate crystal and silver metal.
  • Trophy cups are popular for their universality, which makes their symbolism instantly recognizable.
  • If you’re looking for something a little more unexpected, choose a crystal trophy bowl or Olympic torch.
  • If you’re in a creative industry, brighter, colored glass awards will express your company culture better.
  • Finally, your most appreciated service providers and clients deserve a functional, elegant gift. Consider an engraved captain’s clock or wall clock. It’s traditional to offer executive gifts such as these when thanking tier one directors or dignitaries.

Your end-of-year gifts should fit into a greater business strategy, so before you decide on your type, establish what you’re hoping to achieve, whether it’s client loyalty or improved productivity. These objectives should make themselves known in your letters or on your plaques.

Gifting Etiquette

Corporate gifting has its own etiquette, which is set apart from personal gifting. A certain measure of formality is required to seal your reputation. Business etiquette has a role to play in your wording, too. Your thank you letters should be offered on letterhead stationery and written by hand. They should be personalized with the recipient’s name and signed off formally.

Don’t assume your multicultural list shares your culture. Christmas or Hanukkah should only be included when you know your recipient’s beliefs. Make sure the lavishness of your gifts also fits the seniority of the recipient.

Corporate gifts should never make a one-time impression. They need to express a desire to forge a long-term relationship, so the quality and thought you put into them are crucial. Your wording requires care because the trophy itself is merely a token. Your words are the true gift.