Each and every employee, notwithstanding where he or she happens to be in the food chain, is recognition-hungry. Studies reveal that employees who’re recognized for going that extra mile are more fulfilled, productive, and exhibit greater loyalty to the organizations they work for. As a manager, therefore, you should never underestimate the power inherent in employee recognition.

Importance of Rewarding Recognition-Worthy Work

While recognizing and rewarding your employees’ efficacy brings out the best in them, there’s a danger in rewarding work that is not recognition-worthy. Undeserved praise can do more harm to an employee or a workgroup than good. It also demotivates other employees who deserve the recognition. So, how do you identify employees who deserve a pat on the back, word of praise, dinner with the boss, or even better - recognition awards? Here are some tips on how to spot recognition-worthy work:

1. Use your organization’s goals as the benchmark

Random affirmations are much less consequential compared to those tied to your organization’s goals. Recognition is more effectual when it’s awarded in the perspective of a bigger business goal or results-focused activity. Therefore, you should use your organization’s goals as the benchmark by which you measure average versus commendable work. An employee who lands a big contract within a short time, or scores a big goal with a small budget or ahead of schedule undoubtedly deserves recognition.

2. Always keep your eyes and ears open, literally

A successful recognition program should be able to open up communication channels. To recognize employees who’re recognition-worthy, you need to pay close attention to what they do at all times. Having to keep up with every employee is no small task, so you might want to consider liaising with departmental heads and team leaders so you can be informed of the employees that work exceptionally hard and deserve recognition awards.

3. Set-up an unbiased employee recognition program

For a big organization, the task of identifying recognition-worthy work might be too much to fall on one person’s shoulder. Consider appointing several employees or managerial-level executives to spearhead the functioning of the employee recognition and reward program. It’s crucial that core values and guidelines are created to ensure that the program remains unbiased. Having an unbiased program will not only create a trust factor in your employees’ minds, but it’ll also enhance their overall performance as they’ll feel like their efforts really count.

4. Upgrade the employee recognition program regularly

If you’ve only been recognizing those salesmen in the company who bring more clients on board, you might also want to consider recognizing those who draw in prominent clients. At times, it’s the quality that matters, not the quantity, and vice versa. Therefore, changing the recognition program regularly is crucial. Change the criteria and technique of choosing potential candidates so that employees can look forward to performing better through each cycle.  This will not only help you spot recognition-worthy work, but it’ll also prevent predictability or saturation.

Rewarding With Awards

In many companies, employee recognition and monetary reward are joined at the hip. While the notion of pocketing some extra dollars is exciting to most, the approach of financial rewards might miss the point of recognition. Most employees are motivated by more than money and would rather be recognized in a way that shows that their achievements have been noted, appreciated, and celebrated. Unlike financial rewards, recognition awards go a long way in making employees feel more recognized for their hard work. Consider rewarding your employees with recognition awards from Able Recognition and watch how committed they’ll be so they can produce recognition-worthy work.