Do you have faithful workers who are now about to begin the next leg of their journey--retirement? It can be a time filled with ups and downs, excitement and uncertainty. Every day thousands of people retire. Many don't get the recognition they deserve after dedicating much of their lives to serving their employers' needs. How can you show treasured employees that they were and always will be a cherished member of your team? You present them with a thoughtful tribute to honor their worthwhile efforts.

Action and Words Speak Volumes

Showing by example, holding employees in high esteem who have devoted themselves to furthering company goals, boosts morale. Not only are you ensuring that steadfast workers receive acknowledgment for their commitment to you, but you are giving other employees the inspiration to continue working towards achieving that same recognition. Below are some effective ways you can apply a personal touch to help your retiring employee bask in the warm glow of appreciation:

  • Plan an event around the retiree(s). Thought-out presentations bring professionals together in one cohesive unit. Call a special meeting and use it to commemorate your soon-to-be-retired teammate. Receiving a standing ovation and public acknowledgment can be a memory that lasts forever. (And it affords the perfect opportunity to present them with a tangible piece of craftsmanship that creates a talking point for years to come.)
  • Assemble an entourage of tasty treats to treat employees to a one-of-a-kind eat-and-greet. Facilitating the ultimate foodie banquet can bring current and retiring employees together in a proactive way. Gift them with an eye-catching trophy to draw the celebratory food fest to a close.
  • Some individuals dislike one-on-one attention. A customized plaque with their name or picture attached hanging in a place of honor at the job site may allow for just the right amount of visual acclaim to satisfy the more reserved employee.

How to Pick the Ideal Award

Well-chosen words matter. What an award looks like and displays can disclose how much that employees work ethic and dedication has meant to you. Custom awards can become a keepsake that retirees look upon fondly over the years. Customize a retirement plaque or trophy piece that suits your employee's personality, realizes their special contributions and uniquely highlights their interests or achievements. This ensures every award given is thoughtful and original to the individual who receives it. Here are some custom option steps you can take to illustrate what steadfast employee loyalty means to you:

 1. Choose the material. For the more traditional or rustic look, wood material is a solid choice. To create a startling show stopper with a streamline look crystal awards might appeal. Creative and artsy employees might appreciate the colorful options art glass provides.

2. Tie in your business's trademark symbol or motto to the retirement style award. Include your Logo so that your employee will know you acknowledge their role in your business.

3. Pick a shape or outline. Clocks, star symbols, hourglasses or recognizable images that represent the specific employee's role represent the time they gave to bring their best to your business.

4. Find the best words. Word choice may be one of the most standout parts of an award. Engravings that emphasize years served as an employee, their particular contributions or outstanding performance in one or more aspects of the business let them know you will never forget them and they won't easily be replaced.

Retirement is life-changing. Let your words of encouragement and offering of tangible appreciation be the calm to carry them into the next new and exciting phase of their life.