At the end of the first quarter, it is time to step back and acknowledge the employees who have gotten you off to a great start in 2017. Having an awards system for recognition and appreciation is a key way to retain top employees.  Here are some ideas for creative ways to recognize those team members who have contributed to your success so far this year with custom award plaques:

Top Sales Award

Whether you want to honor top dollar sales or number of sales, this award can help motivate your staff by recognizing that their efforts are noticed. They have worked hard to bring in the sales, and they will be proud that hard work is noticed. Most likely, they will return the favor by continuing to put forth their best efforts.

Top Customer Service Rep

No employee has to deal with more disgruntled people than your customer service representatives. Their job is tough and emotionally draining when they have to deal with customers who may take their bad day out on your employee.  Make sure they know they are appreciated with a high-quality cherry, rosewood or glass custom award plaques.

Most Creative

While tried-and-true techniques can keep your business going, employees who use cutting edge ideas can bring in new leads and new business. Unique and creative ideas are what drive your market share upwards. Employees who spur the company to be more innovative need to be recognized and rewarded with "Most Creative" or "Most Innovative" custom award plaques.

Most Punctual

Recognizing employees for getting to work on time every day is a way to give notice for characteristics that make every workplace function more effectively. Late employees set a bad tone for the workplace.  By contrast, recognizing punctuality can encourage other employees to remember they need to overcome the temptation of the snooze button.

Milestone Awards

Retaining well-trained employees can save your bottom line and make sure your team keeps strong. So don't forget to recognize years of service or retiring employees with custom award plaques. Everyone needs to know that you appreciate those who have dedicated years to helping your company grow and prosper.  

Best Support Staff

Don't forget support staff!  Keeping cheerful support staff depends on their feeling to be a part of the team and knowing that everyone depends on them to support the success of the whole company. Let your support staff know that they can also receive recognition and awards for their work.


Like most companies, you probably have one or more employees that go beyond the call of duty to organize company events, help out people who have a personal crisis, or go out of their way to boost morale but bringing in baked goods, birthday celebrations or leading a charity initiative.  Be sure to recognize their leadership with custom award plaques they can enjoy hanging in their office.

Recognition Means Retention

Finding and training new employees is both expensive and time-consuming. Be sure you retain your excellent team by showing them how much you appreciate their expertise and effort.  Custom award plaques help employees not only remember they are recognized but also show others the qualities you most want them to cultivate, encouraging everyone to make the second quarter of 2017 even better!