The person in charge of arranging for the details of the awards ceremony of a graduating class has been given a very high honor by the institution. The event is the most solemn and long anticipated highlight of the lives of all receiving their diplomas, certificates, and special awards. Keeping that foremost in mind, the person in charge of ensuring the ceremony is just as pleasurable and forever memorable as expected, and should bar no holds in organizing an award presentation that speaks highly of the entire institution.

First Decisions

The theme and auditorium capacity should be selected before you even issue a direction to attendees setting out their expected dress for the event.

  • This information should be issued in the form of an exacting memorandum that can be referred to repeatedly by those attending.  The number of guests permitted for each member should be noted for the attending honorees.
  • Arrange for musical entertainment for the event with an eye to the age range of the subjects of the ceremony.  If you have the budget and professional contacts to contract an appearance of a celebrity with home town roots, you will be hailed as a wizard by all.

Graduating, Club and Crystal Corporate Awards

Plaque and wood trophy standards have long been honored gifts; however, customized crystal award trophies offer an enchanting and sophisticated elegance to any honor bestowed. The awards can be created with exact memorialization of the theme and category of the honor, and personalized with all particulars necessary as a tribute to the recipient.

Staging and Presentation is Everything

The organizer, event planner official upon whom the honor of carving out a meaningful award ceremony has fallen should be cognizant of the best key note speaker for your event, and cooperate with him/her to provide exact pronunciation of names, and if needed, interesting tidbits to insert in their address to the assembly.  Although it is the key note person’s speech, you are the person to whom they should turn for inspiration and guidance for an appropriate and moving presentation.

Use the facility's stage lighting to keep the event  uplifting, and ensure that the music scores are soft and pleasing in between the award presentations.

Crystal Corporate Awards, Statuary with Award Theme

The newest trend in awarding elegant and historically significant gifts is the advent of painting and beading of crystal onto fabric in a design appropriate to the reason for the award and the honor in particular. These are so incredibly unique they are beautiful gifts to present in addition to a crystal award at a business awards ceremony or educational institution equally. Presenting a crystal painting reflecting a particular theme is incredibly effective for now and years to come.

Leading the Best

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No longer do you need to travel any distance to crystal corporate awards stores to find your exact item, nor leaf through tattered catalogues to select an item just like scores of other organizers.  The award event organizer can easily browse their category and theme of award online at the Able Recognition website, and be guaranteed of a perfectly created custom made award.