How do you encourage the application of competitive strategies, increase office morale and create an environment that career-minded individuals thrive in? You utilize ideal tools to bring a "work can be fun" mentality to the office! It's all about customizing and facilitating unique events to inspire creativity and productivity! When employees cooperate as a team or feel appreciated for their individual talents they bring to the work setting, it inspires continued loyalty and better proficiency.

Fun Events and the Reward System

It's no secret, competitive individuals enjoy winning. But winning isn't the only thing they enjoy, it's also the reward they'll receive. So what kind of events seem to captivate team players and individual achievers alike? Here are some fun ways to keep the workforce engaged throughout the year:

  1. Show employees how to celebrate unique holidays throughout the year. Of course, it's important to discover what holiday or theme suits your employees the best. That way they can get the most from your effort. Customize office parties throughout the months to thoughtfully consider and address each employees' needs to be a part of the team.
  2.  Sports fans in the building? Football day, baseball day or any other kind of sports theme has some kind of anniversary, discover the day and gauge everyone's reaction to the suggestion of a little friendly competition. Enthusiastic office workers can dress up in their favorite jersey and/or maybe indulge in a game or two. Custom engraved plaques like "Best In Show" or "A for Effort" are fun gifts to give even the least enthusiastic member.
  3. Are any employees foodies? Do they enjoy creating their own spin on traditional dishes or just love to cook? Choose a few hungry judges, (preferably those employees who prefer not to cook) and assign them the job of doing a blind taste test of the fellow workers' dishes for one day out of the month. To the winner, the spoils could be a gift card to a famed restaurant and "best cook of the month" custom engraved plaque holding an honorary spot at their cubicle or desk. (Until of course another employee steals the prize in the next office cook-off.)

Are They In it to Win It?

In between the holiday months, employees may need a pick me up. While not everyone appreciates light-hearted team games or get-togethers, most individuals like a bit of special recognition or office competition to stir their competitive natures. Below are a few individualized events that can create an office atmosphere ripe with personal accomplishments:

  1. It sounds cliche, but Employee of the Month still carries some proverbial weight at the workplace. Creating a set of criteria that inspires good work ethic, a positive attitude and encourages employees to do their best all the time and allows others to cater to their strengths is a positive addition. Nothing says accomplishment like custom engraved plaques that tout "Employee of the Month" for friends and associates to see and admire, (or jealously covet).
  2. Are there opportunities for other individual awards at your office? Do you have workers that crave some extra incentive? Custom engraved plaques that boast "Most Improved" or "Best in Marketing" or even "Friendliest Team Member" allow for you to cater to a variety of types of individuals. Every person has their own strengths and can be a valuable asset to the business. When you show them you understand their unique contributions, custom engraved plaques hone in on their need for recognition and appreciation while your acknowledgment of their special abilities inspires high-quality results.

Facilitate events that give every diverse employee the recognition they deserve today!