There are undoubtedly certain individuals within your organization that consistently go above and beyond in the regular performance of their duties. These special individuals exemplify excellence, professionalism and the type of work ethic you'd wish your entire team displayed. Perhaps the best way to honor the boundary-breakers within your organization is to encapsulate their excellence in a tangible, long-lasting symbol.

Custom crystal awards make for an excellent method of staff recognition and the available designs for 2016 are even more visually impressive than ever before. Choose one of these designs, each including free custom engraving and let your most valuable players know how much they matter to your organization.

Intrigue Award

Able Recognition Intrigue Award

Geometric shapes conveyed in a physical form represent power, integrity, and of course, intrigue. Of the custom crystal awards offered from Able Recognition, this one speaks volumes in its simple presence. Taking up only a modest footprint, easy to grab and hoist up, and depicting planet Earth poised carefully atop the entire structure, the Intrigue Award is a strong icon of excellence. It makes a great way for your organization to recognize exemplary individuals who put the weight of your brand's world on their shoulders and never bend under any form of pressure.

Chesapeake Blue and Clear Award

Able Recognition Chesapeake Blue and Clear Award

Stunning simplicity matched with sophisticated elegance summarize what this award represents. The two-toned blue and clear crystal style make the distinctive pop that your organization seeks as a symbol of its recognition for those who put forth the extra effort and assume leadership roles in their daily work procedures. Like all custom crystal awards from Able Recognition, this decorative plaque can be imbued with the finest engraving, all at no added cost.

Soaring Eagle Crystal Award

Able Recognition Soaring Eagle Crystal Award

Another fine crystal award offering for the 2016 season is the Soaring Eagle. Poised atop a jagged crystal rock, this figure is a display of boldness, leadership and poise that surely honors excellence. The base of the statue is a solid and smooth three-dimensional oval, perfect for the custom, no-charge engraving offered at Able Recognition on each of the many custom crystal awards offered. Who is the soaring eagle in your organization? Isn't it time that they were recognized as the conquering and domineering force that they are?

Curator Cup

Able Recognition Curator Cup

Every team has a captain and every company has a model of excellence who reigns as the pre-eminent champion in the group. The spirit of a winner can hardly be summarized by mere symbols alone, aside from the rare few such as this stunning crystal cup. A cup is a powerful symbol, speaking to the themes of sacrifice, strength and reliability. Let the best of the best in your organization know that they're viewed as complete champions by all who encounter their excellence in the regular course of their duties. No other symbol comes close to so masterfully expressing this truth.

It has been the mission of Able Recognition to provide high-quality custom crystal awards to our customers since our foundation, over 30 years ago. One of the way we achieve our top-notch customer service and overall quality of product and service is by the regular practice of recognizing our stars. Sure, we also offer free engraving, proofs and setups with each purchase -- but we couldn't have lasted and achieved the level of customer satisfaction we have to date without constantly paying homage to our influential individuals, many working behind the scenes. 2016 can be the year that your organization starts honoring their best and brightest with a series of custom crystal awards engraved with names, messages and symbols paying honor to their honorable service.