Many companies host sales awards at least once every year. This is partly because they want to recognize individuals and groups that drive company sales and propel business growth. It is something every sales personnel look forward to.

Sales awards can be presented for great sales made the previous year, achieving sales target, profit levels, acquisition of new accounts, tapping into new markets, revenue in the market, significant account growth, and penetration into an area. The awards are also popular for major sales increase, top producer. Note that sales awards can range from local to global level. Also, they can be focused on markets, industries, and product lines. 

The senior sales personnel are usually given a unique award for achieving targets and maintaining the level, they include platinum sales club, chairman’s circle award, president’s award, and gold awards.

1. Aspire Crystal Award

This crystal award comprises of optic crystals. They are ideal when you are looking for multiple tall awards to use in your program.  The awards are available in three sizes: 8, 10, and 12 inches. They are commonly used for Outstanding Performance Awards, Sales Producer, Management Awards, and Employee of the Year Award.

2. Apogee Pyramid Award

The pyramid award is a shiny design with shades of blue crystal. It is a great option when you want to incorporate eco-award into your program, or a piece manufactured in the US. In addition, the award has a width of 6 inches and a height of 5.5 inches: therefore, there is sufficient room to add your logo, text, and recipient details, and even the recycle logo if you would also like to include that.

3. York Plaque Awards

This one comes with the marbleized plate. The plaque series also boasts of a cherry finish engraved with a faux marble plate and stained plaque. Furthermore, the series is available in three colors and three sizes of marbleized plates; they are ruby, emerald, and sapphire. Each is engraved with a gold border and gold lettering.

4. Teston Crystal Award

This crystal award is an incredible diamond-shaped beauty. The award is presented for accolades such as the contribution of money or time, goal achievement, or recognizes a special event.

There is enough space to include the recipient name, award name, date, as well ad award details.  Also, you may get additional space to add a special note or quote about the occasion or the recipient's accomplishments.

The Treston crystal award is ideal for Manager or Employee of the Year Award, Sales & Customer Service Awards, Commemorative Awards, as well as Leadership Awards. Alternatively, the award can be used for Donor Recognition, Speaker Awards, and Board of Director Appreciation Awards.  What you will love about this award is that is versatile.


Sales awards are designed to recognize sales team and individuals for their outstanding sales records and marketing strategies. They have been used to recognize impeccable achievers and encourage other people to grow as well.

It is not easy to come up with sales awards ideas that align with those who are being honored. Certain features have to be added on the awards such as company logo, the name of the sales award, motto, or emblem. Furthermore, information tailored to the honoree must be included, a quote, or even a personal message.

The above examples are a great way to sample and customize your own sales awards, use any of the examples to design your sales awards.