Work life balance can make one's entire existence either miserable or euphoric. Employees can either love their jobs and come home to continue enjoying life or loathe their jobs and barely have time for home life. Creating a positive work life balance is imperative to a happy workplace.

Negative Work Life Balance

Employees across the workforce are overworked, stressed to the max and even unhealthy due to all of the lifestyle. Many employees fear they will lose their job making them even more stressed and fearful to go to work. This makes employees unproductive as they figure there's no point in working hard when it goes unrecognized. Many companies are missing the opportunity to calm fears and create a happy workplace for these workers. Employees can come to work happy and return home with smiles if companies work to make the environment a great place.

How Leadership Can Take Action

Owners, managers and supervisors can take action by helping employees manage stress and the workload so they perform well on the job and take their good attitude home. Set good examples and remove fear in the workplace. Give employees positive feedback so they feel appreciated. Employees are looking to management as an example as to how to act and how to work in the office. Have a happy attitude and share it with them. This attitude will be contagious in the workplace and stress levels will go down while productivity levels rise.

Encourage employees with incentive. If they reach a certain goal, they get rewarded with a bonus, extracurricular activities or a gift. Trophy plaques are the perfect way to reward employees for all of their hard work. Trophy plaques can state their name where they can display it with great pride in their accomplishments. It may seem simple, but trophy plaques are a small way to may employees feel appreciated.

Open Communication

Employers and employees should sit down and talk about fears in the workplace. Make them feel special and acknowledge their work. Many employees spend hours outside the office working on professional emails and projects. It's fine to work on office projects at home as long as the employee does not feel stressed or unrecongized. Talk to the employees about the work they are taking home and determine a way to cut down on this out-of-office work so they can have a productive life in the personal time as well.

Bring Life to Work

Work is about being productive and making money for the company, but it doesn't have to take over your life. Bring life to the workplace by reducing stress through exercise while at work. It might sound crazy, but practicing relaxation techniques at work will help productivity. It's all about taking small breaks to lower stress levels so you can tackle the next task without fear. This does not take much time out of the day as you recharge your brain.

Take walks around the office to wake your brain up and get the blood flowing. Arrange company lunches together once a month so everyone brings a dish or even have it catered with healthy food. This will bring stress levels down as you feel healthier and better all around. Bring life to the office by talking to coworkers and making them feel supported. Talk about their life at home so they feel as if you care and want them to have a happy heart when they leave the office.