In a continuous feedback workplace, employees should be given consistent reviews on their performance. With a frequent feedback environment, it can be hard to keep feedback separate from compensation.

In more traditional models, employees may be given a formal review every few months to a year, and during that feedback time they are also given appropriate compensation such as congratulations, awards, pay raises, etc. But, in a continuous feedback workplace, performance reviews and positive feedback should not necessarily be tied to compensation. Keeping these things separate will encourage consistency and make the motivation to work hard and efficiently not tied to rewards.

So, how does an employer compensate employees in this type of workplace?

Award Leadership

Instead of directly awarding a positive review with a promotion or pay raise, employers can focus on awarding leadership in general. By making promotions more lateral in the workplace, it can be easier for employers to determine who is best suited to leadership roles. With lateral promotions, pay raises do not have to be the determining factor in those that vie for the management position.

Group Feedback for Promotions

In a workplace that encourages consistent performance feedback and doesn’t rely on traditional reviews, having group input is very important. Try to develop a system that allows each team member to contribute to promotion decisions, or even to help decide on the “employee of the month.”

Linking promotions and bonuses to a group decision on performance can be a great way to level the playing field in the office. Design custom awards that keep your employees motivated. For bigger occasions like a corporate retreat or banquet, award your employees’ hard work with an elegantly designed crystal award or unique gift.

Outside Analysis for Rewards

Another way to compensate employees in a continuous feedback environment is to ask for an outside analysis. Requesting a 360 degree assessment from an outside source that looks over employee performance and checks for any possible bias is a great way to make sure that everything stays fair. Especially in regards to pay compensation, it is important to have multiple perspectives on who deserves a raise.

In a continuous feedback workplace, encouraging consistent performance reviews and group input is important to keeping things open and honest in the office. Reward employees that are recognized by not only the company, but also their peers and other management groups. Consider custom awards for top leaders in the company, and promote an equal, un-biased approach to awarding bonuses.