Many employees cringe at the thought of millennials in their workplace. Plaques with a millennial's name make many employees roll their eyes thinking this is the generation that grew up with participation trophies. Millennials have a reputation for being a group of youngsters that require constant praise, are entitled and think leaving their phone at home is worse than missing a deadline. What if this reputation is totally wrong?

Technology Rules the Millennial Mind

Millennials may have actually cracked the code to getting work done and still having a life at home. This generation grew up with technology as their leader. They didn't need textbooks when the books were found online. They don't need checkbooks because an app tells them how much money is in the account. Technology means they know about progress because technology never stops.

Millionaire Millennial Minds

Wooden wall plaques could one day be covered with the names of millennials' accomplishments. Eight start-up companies that transformed millennials into millionaires were listed in a 2015 Huffington Post article. Snapchat was started by a millennial. There are thousands of other apps that were invented by a millennial. They're the reason many companies are saving money by telling employees to work at home, not in the office. They think outside the box to be successful.

The Professional Future in the Hands of Millennials

The fact is, one day the millennials will constitute 3/4 of the workforce. This means one-day technology will be at the forefront of the entire workforce. Social networking will take the main stage and all employees will have a deeper look into one another's lives making them bond in a deeper way than today's employees. Technology helps this generation plug into every problem and leads them to every solution in a project. This also means progression never stops as they grow and learn more about technology on a daily basis. They know the future trends before these trends hit the catwalk even and they know how to push the company forward without using too many resources.

A Generation That Changes With The Times

Millennials are a generation that changes with the times as they face adversity and thrive. They've lived through a world in crisis and seen the professional world change along with the politics. Every generation has their own set of tough times to face, but millennials seem to know how to roll with the punches better than any other generation. This is the generation that brought out the popularity of working from home. They know being tied to a desk only clouds their mind. Being part of a social network and working closely with peers outside the office actually pushes a company forward. Millennials feel they can make life and work a fun, important part of their journey.

Is The Rest of the World Wrong?

So maybe the majority of employees are wrong about millennials. Maybe the rest of the workforce needs to think harder about the work environment. The rest of the workforce should give their employees recognition and praise for doing good work. Giving them a wooden wall plaque with their name doesn't mean they just participate, but they shine.

Millennials & the Workforce Together As One

The rest of the workforce should learn from this generation and mentor them. Teach them their philosophies about work and listen to the millennials explain their own thoughts. This means respecting one another pushing the business forward together. Get the wooden wall plaques ready for names of millennials and other generations that bring the company soaring numbers and push everyone to be successful.