With the holiday season quickly approaching and tensions running high, try not to be a Grinch manager this year. With year-end work deadlines around the corner and other personal deadlines weighing heavy on employees’ shoulders (like buying gifts, planning meals and parties, dealing with family, etc.) the holidays are the perfect time of year to shine as the cheerful, understanding manager you are (or can be).

How to Pass The Season of Stress

We all know that the holiday season brings stress right along with peace and joy, so anticipate your employees’ emotions this season, taking certain measures to ensure work is taken care of without being a big Grinch to your best employees.

Timing: Plan Ahead

Keep tabs on important holiday events and time-off requests. If you know there is a department holiday party on Friday, you can engage your employees early on in the week to get things done. If you know your lead worker requested two days off before Christmas, you can encourage them to complete their assignments the week before their vacation. Pay attention, and stay ahead of the game.

Research: Know What You’re Asking

Have you studied the assignments you’re passing off to your employees? Make sure you completely understand the tasks you are assigning to employees before handing them off. If you can answer their questions immediately and save them time during their work, they will most likely complete their work ahead of schedule. Finishing early during the holiday season is truly a gift for your employees, and for you as a manager.

Recognition: Value Your Employees

Are you telling your employees how much you appreciate their hard work? Especially during the holiday season, don’t be the Grinch manager who couldn’t even wish her employees a Happy Holidays… let alone congratulate them for completing their year-end assignments ahead of schedule. Consider a nice holiday gift for your employees, or even special recognition awards for excellent workers like a cool 3D laser crystal award for their desk or a classy wood laminate plaque for the wall.

Be a Strong Manager, Not a Grinch Manager

It is always important to stay in charge of your employees and ahead of the game. Keep your confidence high and your instructions firm, but be careful not to cross over into Grinch territory. By using excellent timing, researching work before assigning it, and recognizing hard workers, you can be sure to stay on cheerful terms with your employees this holiday season. Not to mention, you’ll complete your year-end assignments in record time, with enthusiasm. Keeping spirits high in the workplace can be a difficult task for any time of the year, but it should be a high priority during the holiday season. So don’t be a Grinch manager this Christmas – be a great one.