Along with improving your employees’ morale – customer service awards can also increase your employees’ productivity. There are many reasons for you to present your employees with an award. You can use customer service awards as an opportunity to recognize their hard-work and their ability to work well with your customers. Able Recognition has many types of awards that you can choose from.

Customers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities – and some can be a challenge to work with. When you have an employee that exhibits a natural ability for customer service – you need to make sure they know that their skills are being noticed.

Customer service awards can be presented for a number of reasons when it comes to praising an employee for successful customer relations. The wording you choose can be lighthearted or serious – depending on the situation. Awards for above and beyond customer service will go a long way in showing your employees how much their work is noticed and how much they are valued.


Every action your employees take is related directly or indirectly to customer service. Some customer service awards can be casual and given as a compliment and as a gesture of fun. They can show your employees that you are aware of behind the scene actions that might usually go unnoticed. Below are some ideas for awards that you can put your own meaning to.

  • Accepting Extra Shifts
  • All Day Every day
  • Chief of Happiness
  • Circle of Joy Award
  • Customer Whisperer
  • High-Five Award
  • On Point Award
  • Positive Participator
  • Storm Diffuser

These are just a few ideas – let your imagination lead you to the right awards for your employees.


Recognition from one’s peers can mean more to individuals than many other types of awards. We all want the respect of our peers. There are many ways you can develop peer recognition programs. Employees can anonymously select a fellow employee as the recipient of an award for meeting the criteria of your choosing. These types of programs improve employee participation and engagement in your company’s values and mission.


Once you’ve decided on the reason for awards you will be giving your employees you need to decide what wording to use. There are many ways you can word your appreciation – below are a few examples. You can take bits and pieces and make the sentiments your own.

  • Customer Service Award Presented to ____________________ to thank you for the outstanding commitment you have shown to our valued customers.
  • This Customer Service Award is presented to ___________________ in recognition of your exemplary efforts, dedication and attitude.
  • For going Above and Beyond for the benefit of our company we present this Customer Service Award to you _________________________.

Each award should have the company name and/or logo, the employee’s name as well as the date the award is presented.


By acknowledging an employee’s skill in communicating with your company’s customers – you will be strengthening your company and its work force. One of the biggest problems companies face is employee turnover. Customer service awards can help make your company a place where people will want to work long-term.

When you see the beautiful awards that Able Recognition has to offer – you’ll likely want one for yourself. From plaques to beverage glassware – your employees will love receiving these beautiful awards for their efforts.