Every year comes with fresh challenges, accomplishments and New Year's resolutions. End of the year celebrations act as great opportunities for recognizing the contributions dedicated people have made in your life personally or through business endeavors. For the invested event planner, employer, or those in management, presenting awards hard-working men and women will appreciate for their personal, tangible, well-crafted and thoughtful designs are the perfect complement to an anticipated holiday bash! Custom crystal awards are all that and more!

Appreciation Nurtures Loyalty

On average employees feel the urge to change jobs every three years. What does this say in regards to the importance of showing employees you value their services? Quite a lot. In fact, statistics show that retaining the same employees year after year leads to higher profit margins and sales revenues.  One thoughtful, encouraging word or acknowledgment can have an employee on their most challenging work day decide, it's all worth it!

Getting Personal

In terms of professionalism, "personal" seems like word choice to be avoided. And yet custom crystal trophies like these 5 options are all about getting personal via recognition and less about office formality. At the end of the day, have fun with it and make your employees feel appreciated:

  1. For the consummate fitness guru presenting them with the coveted "Physical Fitness Award" is ideal for that protein shake drinking employee. It's reminiscent of saying:"I can't wait for you to give me another twenty reps!" (or twenty more years of that special brand of energy they bring to the company.)
  2. It's all about the shoes! The "Stiletto Award" is much ado about the dressed to impress employee who understands they represent a business or brand that wishes to show well in any setting.
  3. Great marketing is vital for any business and their consumer growth. Give your most successful marketing pitch employee a beautifully structured crystal skyscraper "Marketing Award" to encourage them to reach even higher heights!
  4. Safety is important. In fact--hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost via safety violations at companies each year. Do you have a safety-conscious employee who always knows being safe is the best policy? Present them with the amber-colored Crystal Safety Cone Award for their equitable due diligence!
  5. The employee who always seems to be running on all cylinders and reaches their goals quickly/efficiently deserves their own reward! Impress your speedy worker with the "Fastest Lap Award" and fuel their company loyalty and their confidence in themselves.

Customize the award-giving experience with options that allow you to include your company name, logo and/or your employee's name or nickname. Using various types of crystal: clear, black or other brilliant color options, every employee will be made to feel they-- like their awards are one-of-a-kind! Let end-of-the-year crystal awards be the very beginning of a lasting relationship between you and your treasured colleagues. Your appreciation can become "crystal" clear to those who make a difference to you!