Choosing just the right custom crystal awards is a difficult task because there are so many beautiful designs to choose from for employers, family reunions, special events, and even club member recognition. There are many designs that will be appropriate for your recipients, but if you know them to be a lover of animals, there are several that will suit them perfectly. Depending on your message, custom animal crystal awards can portray strength, playfulness and steadfastness.

Iconic Animal Trohpies

In an employee setting, there are many ways to choose a recipient for one of these beautiful awards. Awards can be given for performance, strength, loyalty and team building. An award featuring an iconic animal can be a great way to show employees their importance to your business. Employees appreciate recognition for their efforts and receiving an award that is meaningful and beautiful can improve employee morale and increase longevity in the workplace.

If you are planning a family reunion and want to recognize people for various achievements, choosing an animal themed crystal award is a fun and memorable way to honor individuals.

The Ottavia Elephant might be the perfect award for an adventurous employee, family or club member. Or you might want to consider the Ottavia 3 Dolphins for the ocean lover. The Ottavia Horse is a mustang in chase, and befitting of someone who has shown courage or outstanding leadership.

Recognition for Companies, Employees, and Clubs

For the special employee who has gone above and beyond, nothing says accomplishment more than an eagle. Able Recognition's Eldorado Eagle Award shows an eagle taking off in flight, a traditional tribute to your successful employee. Or the beautiful Ottavia Eagle Head, with fine etching showcasing the eagle's feathers and stature.

Are you planning an awards banquet for your outdoor club? Any outdoor club member receiving the Ottavia Moose or Ottavia Polar Bears awards would appreciate one of these beautiful custom crystal awards for years to come.

Simply put, with Able Recognition, your company, club or special event can rest assured that the custom crystal awards that you choose will meet your needs. From elephants to a running mustang, Able Recognition has just the right award your recipients will cherish and display with pride.