Acquiring and maintaining specific certification is a prerequisite in many organizations. Employees often feel motivated to work hard and realize your company goals whenever they are appreciated after they receive various certifications. Always be willing to air your acknowledgment whenever your staff and even facilities achieve certification.

Whether your employees have attained certification for IT, auditing, teaching, or any other accreditation, it is important to acknowledge them since whatever skills that they will bring on board will be beneficial to your company. Certifications that are awarded to your company also need to be acknowledged since they sum up the individual effort of all employees and stakeholders.

Encourage your employees to display their awards on their desks or cubicles. Certification awards given to your company should be displayed at the front lobby, conference rooms, and even on the walls of waiting rooms. This is proof that you are proud of the award, and also acts as a selling point to clients. A “wall of fame” containing your awards and those of your employees prove your dedication to professionally.

What Details Should the Certification Award Contain?

Pertinent information to be included on certification awards and engraving include the type of certification attained, certification recipient or the facility name if it is an organization, name of organization awarding the certification, and year of attainment. If necessary, include the timeframe for the certification. When subsequent certifications will be achieved, additional awards should still be given to the recipient.

Options for Wording Certification Awards

All said and done, the effect that a certification award will have on a recipient is greatly determined by the wording. It is advisable to use congratulatory words and phrases that encourage the recipient to put in more effort. Keep in mind that the word used are equally as important as the award certification itself.

There are several wording options to choose from when recognizing the award of certifications.

The first wording option involves starting with the award criteria before naming the person/facility. Thereafter, indicate the type of certification earned, company name, and then end with the date of certification.


For demonstrating excellence in

(list of criteria)

Name of Facility or Person

Has earned the

Company Name

Level 111 Certification



The second option for wording certification awards entails listing the company name first. Thereafter, list the recipient’s name, certification, and date or timeframe within which the certification applies.


Company Name

Is proud to present

Recipient Name

With recognition for their achievement


Six Sigma Black Belt Certification



The third wording option entails starting with the certification type before listing the company name and thereafter, end with the date. You can also choose to start with the date of certification, recipient’s name or company name whichever applies, before ending with certification achieved.


Celebrating the

LEED Certification


Company Name


Another example of our ongoing

Commitment to be Good

Corporate Citizens and Stewards

Of the Resources Entrusted to Us.


Things to Keep in Mind

For your certification awards and engraving to look legit, always ensure that you include your company logo. You also need to concisely and precisely state that the award accrues from the fact that the recipient received certification for demonstrating excellence in a certain field of expertise. If possible, proceed to list down the criteria that merited the award of that particular certification.

Bring to light that the giver of the award is proud to present it to the recipient. If you are recognizing another company’s certification, highlight that you are honored to be associated with them. Don’t forget to highlight your own achievements.

In case you are recognizing a company that recently received the prestigious ISO certifications for instance, your award should be in the lines of….”The (name of award) goes to (recipient’s company name) for achieving the ISO certification on (date of certification). We (your company’s name) are proud to be associated with you…