With so many employees disengaged in the workforce today, how do you create a work environment with great company culture, high productivity, and low turnover?

One word: Recognition!

Simply taking the time to recognize your employees with timely, frequent, and meaningful recognition will make a world of difference for your company's success. Multiple studies show that organizations that focus on employee engagement through recognition are over 16 percent more profitable than their run-of-the-mill counterparts. This can be attributed to increased productivity by engaged employees, higher customer satisfaction because of happy and committed workers, and reduced turnover rate with less investment into hiring and training.

With all the benefits of recognition, why do so many companies ignore such an important aspect of management?

Building a recognition program is not easy. To ensure that you are creating an effective recognition program, you will have to conduct research to determine what your employees want, what they are doing well, and what areas could use some positive reinforcement to inspire positive change. Recognition also takes time to create the change you want to see in your employees. With frequent recognition, desired behaviors will become more and more common and build on itself to support your recognition program.

The effort is well worth it.