When your employees go above and beyond, it's time to go the extra mile to share your appreciation for their time, effort, loyalty, dedication, and sacrifice. Instead of giving them a mere pat on the back or placing a meaningless certificate on their desk (that's sure to get crumpled up and thrown away after a few months), honor their vast achievements by giving them something they can display with pride for years to come.

Share Your Employees' Accomplishments

Whether you decide to create awards for a set amount of years on the job, attendance, retirement, or achievement of sales numbers or other specific goals, award them publicly. You're not only showing your employees the respect and appreciation they deserve, but you're extending your company's brand, too.

Creating awards is just good business sense. Management and organization development consultant Susan M. Heathfield writes on The Balance Career's website, "Think about a service award as a way to acknowledge service, as a symbol of continuity and organizational memory. A publicly-given service award allows the telling of company stories and a walk for employees down a memory lane that they may or may not share.

"The service award ceremony is an opportunity for company members to reminisce about the organization's history and founding. It is an opportunity to enculturate newer employees with the legends and stories that have made the company what it is today."

An award and public recognition physically expresses that professional yet heartfelt gratitude. Invite your local newspaper to cover your event. Ask Chamber of Commerce members to attend, too. Ask your company's CEO or owner to present awards. Show your employees you're thankful for their attendance and dedicated service.

Customize Recognition

Awards are a great way to tell stories! When done well, they hold a special place in your team members' hearts, and they are definitely conversation starters. You may only have a few words printed on your team members' awards, but that doesn't mean those words can't speak volumes. Your recipients' awards shouldn't only include their names, but they should also explain exactly what each employee is being acknowledged for; when and where it happened; and why he or she received it in the first place.

Just remember the five rules that your English teacher taught you about better writing back in grade school. That's right: always define Who, What, When, Where, and Why on your company's awards.

Award Wording Examples

But how exactly should you display words on your awards? Here are a few examples to get you started:

Example Award Engraving A:
In Recognition
Award Name (Perfect Attendance)
Event Name

Example Award Engraving B:
Company Name appreciates your (number) years of dedication, positive attitude, and effort!
Recipient Name
Job Title/Department
Company Logo

Example Award C:
We appreciate your invaluable (number) years of dedication to Company Name!
Recipient Name
Job Title/Department
Company Logo

Example Award D:
Awarded to Recipient Name for surpassing Specific Company Goal.
Company Name/Logo
Job Title/Department

Leave It To Us

Awards boost morale. Even if your company can't offer major bonuses or raises to your team members, awards can be tokens that motivate. They physically express the deepest sense of appreciation your company has for its valuable employees.
A chintzy, non-specific award with no fanfare may put a damper on your employee's sense of achievement. That's why -- whether you need a single trophy or an entire batch of plaques for an awards banquet -- go all out! At Able Recognition, we'll customize your awards so they'll remain as important and cherished today as the day they were awarded.