You can work on engagement and recognition all you want, but if you're committing one of these motivation killing sins, you might as well not bother!

Low Pay
You may feel that you are doing the right thing keeping payroll to a minimum. However, even 26 percent of highly engaged employees would jump ship for just a 5 percent pay increase. Make sure you are paying your employees what they deserve, be at least somewhere in the competitive wage bell curve, and have open and honest conversations with your employees about their pay rates.

Depressing Office Environment
Office environment has a huge impact on productivity and well-being. Open offices report 62 percent more sick days than traditional offices. Putting a little effort and, yes, money into your office space can actually be a tremendous investment. Don't you want your employees to enjoy where they work?

No Room to Grow
Engagement withers and dies when it has no room to grow. Your employees need the opportunity to learn and grow because if you’re not learning, you’re falling behind. This is not only important to keep your employees engaged and looking forward to their future with your company, but also to maintain a cutting edge work force!

Tolerating Negativity
Negativity spreads much quicker that positivity. 24 percent of actively disengaged people spread their negativity to co-workers. Allowing negativity to fester in your organization is a surefire way to kill engagement in your good people and lead to high turnover and poor performance.

Lack of Goals and Direction
It’s hard to give your best if the goal is unclear. How will your employees know what to focus on and what the final picture will look like if you don't tell them? It can be easy to forget that many employees are not involved in those high level discussions, and it is imperative to let them in on the big plan.

Today’s workforce demands more autonomy, empowerment and inspiration to keep their motivation and performance high. Have faith in your employees to complete the tasks they are given without constant meddling supervision. If you don't trust someone to get the job done, it's time to find a replacement.

Time Wasting
Useless meetings, pointless emails, unproductive collaborations. Employees are willing to put in more hours when their time and input are appreciated. Keep meetings short and well-organized, avoid CC'ing on emails unless absolutely necessary, and keep things efficient!