Is the mood of your business team stuck in a summer daydream? Give the office some focus with a morale boost. Employees are the heart of every business, so show them what they mean to you. Recognition does wonders for business; those who feel appreciated for the work they do are likely to continue working with enthusiasm. To improve production, efficiency, and retention, try out these tips to keep your employees as motivated as when they first started.

Offer Skill Development Training Courses

Learning can boost morale in a huge way, while helping to improve the business as well. Understanding what passions and unique skills your team has can provide insight on what makes them click within the company. Both employees and employers will benefit from the training classes because it will not only empower the employee, but boost the work they put in.

Schedule Appropriately and Be Understanding

Every person has a life outside of work. Summer is a peak season for trips and leisure, so understanding the needs of each employee is important during this time. This can be difficult for companies who are trying to produce the best output levels at the highest efficiency, but understanding your teammate’s needs will actually produce better results. A rejuvenating period of time off will recharge the batteries of employees, who are likely to come back inspired and ready to achieve new goals. Think about giving your employees an extra day tacked onto their weekend or allowing them to come in a few hours late on a Monday. Giving occasional paid time off is a great way to increase employee morale.

Hand Out Praise Frequently

Boosting morale can be as easy as praising your employees. People thrive on validation, so remind your team often that they are great. Hold meetings to acknowledge each employee and their successes so they know that their hard work is being recognized. Be genuine with compliments and make sure to address people by name. Try holding a yearly award ceremony for a fun approach to endorse employee’s abilities and reward their achievements. Take into consideration particular projects or a person/group’s general working ability. The title ‘Award winning’ carries connotation of status and expertise – something that will make everyone feel well-respected.

Trophies and plaques can be given to employees, and they’ll love receiving something they can proudly show others. For the best quality crystal awards, take a look at Able Recognitions Crystal Awards. They are personable and beautifully made. Employees will love the “Above and Beyond Award”, which tackles all those who go the extra mile, or the “Sutherland Starfire Crystal Award”, which rewards employees for having an allover circle of excellence. The common theme in all of these ideas is caring, recognition, rewards and appreciation. Although simple, these small steps can go far.