Every company in the world is only as good as its employees allow it to be. If your company hires employees who are smart, experienced and willing to learn and work hard, the results will show in the form of solid profit margins and an excellent reputation for the company. If, on the other hand, you employ professionals who for one reason or the other do not feel engaged towards their work, the result can be disastrous for the company, threatening its very survival.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your employees feel engaged towards the company and take an active interest in its continued well being. Here is one way to make that happen:

Develop a Coaching Culture

Succession planning refers to the practice of grooming current employees within the company to take on a position of higher responsibility by providing in-company training. This carries the advantage of assigning posts to individuals who have already been thoroughly whetted and are assured of doing good work.

For succession planning to work there needs to be a program in place for effective training of the employees in a manner that is specially designed to meet the needs of the company. This training can take the form of classroom learning, attending seminars and conclaves that are relevant to the employee's field of work, providing on-site practice, and providing recognition for their hard work in the form of custom wall plaques or other types of monetary rewards and trophies.  

To create a solid coaching infrastructure, you will need to set aside a portion of the company budget to hire trainers and experts who will be able to provide guidance to newcomers and turn them into useful employees. For an effective company training program to work, it needs to provide the students not only with technical information, but also knowledge about the inner workings of the company and their jobs within it. This includes:  

1. Sharing Details About Their Responsibilities

The employees need to be told exactly what their roles within the company are, and how their actions will affect the company as a whole. This will help the employee appreciate his or her role within the company and prevent them perceiving their job as a meaningless exercise with no discernible results. Most mistakes within companies are made by workers who are not paying attention or indifferent towards their tasks, and it is that type of thinking that needs to be addressed and corrected during the training sessions.

2. Provide Customized Action Plans

Other than providing general information about what the company goals are and what the employee's job and responsibilities are, you should also help them devise an action plan for their work which will maximize their potential while at the same time serve the needs of the company. Have an expert carry out an in-depth discussion of the employee's strengths as a worker, and to incorporate the results into the action plan. 

 3. Award Their Achievements

Custom wall plaques can be awarded to students who have excelled in the learning program and show signs of becoming model employees. Remember that employees are not simply mindless cogs fitted into the company machine to make the whole thing run smoothly, but actual human beings with all the accompanying desires for recognition. Getting the customized plaques made will not cost a lot, and the effect of seeing the custom wall plaques on the wall of their office will have a great effect on the employee's psyche, which will in turn result in better work and greater profits for the company as a whole.