So you opted for selective hiring, only picking individuals with stellar backgrounds and proven track records of success to join your company. Apparently, these were the kind of people that were poised to take your company to the next level. Fast forward a few months or years later – the same employees that were bursting with energy and full of fresh ideas have now hit a plateau with an overall deficiency of creativity. What happened?

Well, the bad news is that your employees are lacking motivation. But before you make a decision to clean house, there’s good news – what you’re facing is a fixable problem. The following are 10 effective tactics to help you motivate your employees and ignite that spark you once saw in them:

1. Get to know your employees

Whether working individually or in teams, one thing that’s for sure is that your employees are all very different. Some require instruction and supervision, while others require trust and independence. Moreover, what motivates one employee may not motivate another. Therefore, it’s of essence that you find out what makes each employee tick. Getting to know your employees will not only increase trust, but it’ll also give you insight into what makes them tick and ultimately know what motivates them.

2. Invest in your work environment

Studies have revealed that the work environment by a large extent impacts employees’ mood. Those working in old buildings with poorly lit or poorly air-conditioned spaces were more stressed compared to those in newer buildings with open layouts and more natural light. If you belong in this latter category, you should invest in your work environment. Doing so will positively affect your employees’ energy, improve their ability to concentrate, and boost their overall sense of wellbeing.

3. Encourage friendly competition

One mistake that most organizations make in the name of motivating their employees is pitting employees against each other.  Instead of focusing on just one or two employees, it’s best to champion friendly competition that focuses on the support roles that all employees play to enable stellar performances.

4. Launch an open-door policy

It’ll surprise you how simple words like “thank you” and “please” fare with employees. Speak to them just as you would like to be spoken to. You should also put an open-door policy that encourages employees to share their ideas and suggestions freely. Once they feel that their voice really matters, they will feel self-assured about their positions, thus become more motivated.

5. Recognize and appreciate them for their work

Recognition and appreciation serve a useful purpose – it confirms that one is doing their job right and encourages them to continue doing it. One of the best ways of recognizing and appreciating employees for a job well done is to launch an employee recognition program that rewards employees who display the best work ethic, attitude and grit.

6. Opt for intrinsic rewards

We’ve all got bills to pay and bellies to fill. While money is important, it doesn’t necessarily contribute to most people’s overall happiness. To motivate those who garner a huge income, it’ll take a lot more than a few bucks in the name of bonuses and cash rewards. Giving employees a custom award can go a long way toward making them feel recognized and appreciated for their input.

Why should employees be recognized for doing their jobs? Aren’t they paid to do so? If that sounds like something that you usually say, then don’t be surprised to see your star performers exhibit some obvious signs of smugness. Apply the above tactics to help motivate your employees.