Whether you’re the manager of event coordinator, somehow you've got the job of throwing the office holiday party. Maybe your party will be fine dining with dancing or an office potluck – either way, getting everyone in the mood and having fun is not an easy job. We have 5 great tips for throwing your office holiday party, so listen up:

What About the Food?

Doing an office potluck is fun if everyone agrees, but make sure that you hold the party in a clean place. Tell everyone that they can pick things up at the store if they don't want to cook, and be sure that the food is kept safely cold or hot so no one leaves the party with a reminder that will last the rest of the season. Hosting a party means trying to accommodate all the guests, so be sure to ask if anyone is on a special diet. It doesn't hurt to have some healthy vegetarian and gluten free options, just in case.

How About Gifts?

The flow of gifts goes down, meaning the boss buys presents for the staff and not the other way around. Whether or not you give bonuses or time off to employees, it is also a good idea to give a tangible gift. Gift certificates should either be universal – like an Amazon card, or at least general, like a Best Buy certificate. Avoid niche stores because it's likely to go to waste unless you know your employee regularly shops there. We think it’s a great idea to pair your gift with recognition, so giving solid wood plaques recognizing years of service or outstanding work is a great way to let employees know that they are valued and appreciated. Moreover, hanging by their desk, a beautifully crafted solid wood plaque gives clients and customers the impression that they are dealing with an experienced and expert person in your company.

What Time to Party?

Remember that not everyone likes parties, so having a party during office hours might be a better idea. Have it in the afternoon so people can plan to get work done ahead of time. Even though it can break into the work day, employees might enjoy having a change in the regular routine to celebrate the season. If you do have an evening party, we suggest making it voluntary. Not everyone wants to spend their babysitter money for time to hang out with people they already saw all day. Moreover, an evening event shouldn't scrimp on costs. Have catered food and invite spouses or significant others, which can be an especially nice touch if you do a public awarding of yearly trophies or plaques.

What About Alcohol?

Alcohol is not a great idea at an office potluck, especially if everyone is going back to work later. However, an evening event is a social occasion and workers might want to drink more than Coke. We strongly suggests that bosses be careful not to get drunk at parties and be sure to never pressure anyone to drink. Also, your company should play it safe and prepare transportation arrangements, or just limit the amount of alcohol available.

Be Sure to Have Fun!

While it’s probably inevitable to be concerned about proper office etiquette, don’t forget that the point of a holiday party is to celebrate. So don't worry if the chocolate fondue isn't as big of a hit as you'd hoped. Just relax, laugh at a few of George's bad jokes, and have fun!