Human Resources have a very tough position these days hiring for companies that are very competitive in the job market. The way that companies compete and hire talent has almost become like hiring for athletes in the NBA. Even competing in the NFL draft picks for the best talent available seems to be a faster process.

Improving the Caliber of New Talent in the Hiring Process

The professionals in HR have made groundbreaking suggestions on how to change this ineffective and competitive hiring process. Changing a longer hiring process into a shorter more normal hiring process for candidates that are an asset for the company is a winning proposition. These suggestions might actually bring in real talent that can enhance your company long term.

Four Suggestions to Promote Positive Change in Retaining and Hiring Your Best Talent

1. Promote Team Mentalities Certain phrasing such as “Owning Your Career” has changed the employee mentality tremendously. It also affects how new recruits think of their careers in your firm. Human Resources Directors feel that the term ”Career Partnership” promotes a team player atmosphere in the work place, which produces greater results. Teams produce winning statistics in growth if they are working together effectively.

2. Use Different Hiring Incentives in Competitive Hiring Being creative and finding new and exciting ways to attract talent is a much better approach to the hiring process in today’s seriously competitive market. The way it is being approached now is not a very wise or practical way of hiring solid company talent and this should change in the hiring process. Take out all unneeded processes in the hiring process that are old and outdated. Use creative ways to compete with other companies for new talent. Appeal to each applicant with added incentives they would be interested in gaining from a position with your firm. Add certification programs into the hiring curriculum and bonuses for completion of those certification programs.

3. Add Positivity and Integrity To Your Employee Meetings John Wooden was a famous UCLA Basketball Coach and taught his players character and sacrifice for the team effort. He made an effort of teaching them positive thinking and integrity as a part of his program. Some of his students are huge successes today because of this training. This would be a great addition to weekly meetings and keeping good company talent in the company by helping attain personal growth as well as attaining awards in the corporate world.

4. Use Celebration and Reward To Retain Your Current Hired Talent You would be surprised at how some of your already competitive team players could be excited to win in competitions for production and growth against their fellow workers. Come up with ideas to reward your talented employees for their growth in production each week. Add programs that inspire your already talented team players. The older ways of rewarding employees is a tried and true method for retaining your talent. Employers always recognized their employees for effort and hard work with quarterly and weekly awards that were inspiring and creative.

Celebrate Your Employees with Beautiful Crystal Awards

Throw a small celebration lunch in their honor and then give out beautiful awards they can display for inspiration. This is a time-honored tradition that works. An example of a great award for long-term recognition is a custom crystal award from able recognition. These are beautiful awards that any team player would love having displayed on their workstation. Truly awarding your employees for a job well done is the way to keep feeling appreciated and loyal.