Motivational quotes are meant to empower and inspire your employees and should sound heart-felt not something that was hastily made up. As the leader, you need to present something that will lift the spirit of your staff. An inspirational content is an impeccable way of getting your team out of the zone mentally and jump into a goal achieving machine.

In this article, you are going to read the top best motivational quotes of all time.

1. Becoming is way better than being, by Carol Dweck.

2. I know not everything may be coming, be it what it may be, ill approach it while laughing, by Moby Dick, Herman Melville.

3. The sun is usually weak when it rises and gathers courage and strength as the day goes by, by Charles Dickens.

4. How wonderful how anybody does not need to wait for a second to change and improve the world, by Anne Frank.

5. The past can really hurt, but you can either learn from it or run from it, by Rafiki from Lion Kin.

6. If I had nine hours to cut down a tree, I would use the first six hours to sharpen my axe, by Abraham Lincoln.

7. The mind is a place of its own, and it can make a hell of heaven and a heaven of hell, by John Milton in Paradise Lost.

8. Intelligence is the power to respond to change, by Stephen Hawking.

9.  Leaders can leave you to fail, but won’t let you be a failure, by Stanley McChrystal.

10. Would I rather be loved or feared? Well, both. I want people to fear how much they love me, by Michael Scott.

11. The question is not about who is going to let me, but who will stop me, by Ayn Rand.

12. Child, there are legends and heroes.  While heroes are remembered, legends never die. Follow your heart and you will never go wrong, By Babe Ruth in The Sandlot.

13. With talents, you can win games, but with intelligence and teamwork, you can win championships, by Michael Jordan.

14. There will be a host of disappointments and rubs everywhere, and we all anticipate too much,  but if bit of happiness fails,  it is human nature to shift to another: if the first calculation isn’t right,  we make the second worth it, we look for comfort somewhere else,  by Jane Austen from Mansfield Park

15. Be other men or be more than them. Be as firm as a rock and steady to your purposes. The ice is not made of things that the heart is made of: it is extremely mutable and weak to withstand if you say it will not, by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein.

16. Fight till the last breath, by William Shakespeare

17. Do or don’t. There is nothing like trying, by Yoda

18. We have to believe we are gifted for a course and it has to be attained, by Marie Curie

19. If something has a problem, fix it now. But learn not to worry because it fixes nothing, by Ernest Hemingway

20. Sometimes you may die from the fall, and sometimes, you may fly when you fall, by Neil Gaiman.