Your workforce or team doesn’t have to loathe meetings. While demanding and potentially draining, there are ways to improve the team’s outlook of meetings to help members get just a little more excited about meeting. One such idea that can completely change your team’s view of meetings and help you get off on a positive note is icebreaker games. The following are 20 common games to consider for your next meeting;

  • Who Are You?

On a small piece of paper, each person writes a brief description of themselves. Then the papers are shuffled and you attempt to match each person with a description.

  • Hot or Cold?

Hide something in the room (such as the meeting agenda) and let the team work out how to discover it. Cold means NO while hot means FOUND.

  • Complete the Sentence...

Write on the whiteboard or say out loud a sentence fragment and let team members take turns to attempt to complete the sentence.  

  • Start-On-Time Incentives

To get everyone to arrive on time, offer little prizes for promptness and silly prizes for tardiness.

  • Stand-Up Meetings

Before the meeting begins, remove all chairs from the room. Then, once everyone has arrived, inform them that you’re having a stand-up meeting.

  • What Would Your Last Meal Be?

Tell everyone to imagine that they’re going to be executed the following morning. What would their last meal be?

  • Too Much Information (TMI)

Here members are asked to reveal an embarrassing secret about themselves. Just make sure not to go to extremes.

  • Be Honest

Almost similar to TMI, members take turns to honestly share with the team how they feel about the day.

  • Describe Your Mood

Members take turns to share their mood in one word. If there’s time, ask each member to explain their choice.

  • Team-Win Celebrations

Begin your meeting by calling out a win from a team member. A win is an accomplishment that was beyond the member’s typical responsibilities.

  • Knock-Knock Jokes

Quite popular outside of work, knock-knock jokes are also excellent meeting icebreakers. Have everyone tell their knock-knock joke and let everyone laugh at them.

  • Personality Quizzes

Send everyone an email with a link to a personality quiz and see the personality type each member picks.

  • Q&A Sessions

Bring in the Head of Department and give each team member the chance to ask them a question and get an answer.

  • Problem-Solution Icebreakers

Each member gets the chance to pick out the biggest problem they have in the office and offer possible solutions to the problem.

  • Mindfulness Icebreakers

Once everyone has arrived, announce a moment of silence for members to contemplate about their stresses.

  • Which Car Are You?

Ask members to imagine that they were a car. What car would they be? You can ask each person to explain their choice.

  • What Annoys You?

Ask each member to share the habits that annoy them most in the office. If need be, have them explain their choice.

  • Exquisite Corpse

Three team members are asked to separately draw the head, torso, and legs of the same person without seeing what the person before them drew. Expect a zombie!

  • No-Smile Jokes

Announce that there should be no smiling for the rest of the meeting. Then tell a joke and see if people can keep a straight face.

  • Things-In-Common

Sit members in groups and let them discover how many things they have in common; from skills to hobbies, to favorite movies, and so on.

These are just a few examples to keep your employees engaged in meetings from Able Recognition. Make sure you find the right icebreaker depending on the nature of your team.