If your employees are happy, your customers will be too. Here are 17 proven ways to create an awesome office and improve employee satisfaction:

  1. Listen: Making sure you take the pulse of your organization is essential, so spending time talking with employees one-on-one. Additionally, make sure there is an avenue for employees to report problems and give ideas.
  2. Work Matters: Make it part of your company culture to define your mission and make sure everyone knows it and has a reason to believe in it. 
  3. Encourage Customizing Work Stations: Dull, identical office spaces are impersonal and dull, Give employees a chance to personalize their space with photos, personal items, and custom crystal awards.
  4. Set Goals: Encourage each of your employees to set personal goals that work towards the company mission.  Let them feel in control of what they do.
  5. Free-Up Time: Having a tight deadline can stress employees, so focus on making meetings shorter and more efficient by using tricks like meeting without chairs, meeting right before going home, or using conference calls.
  6. Personal Growth: Give your employees a chance to learn and grow on their job through educational opportunities at local schools, webinars, conferences or even an office book club.
  7. Have Fun Together: While your employees don't have to be best friends, you can encourage a supportive atmosphere by scheduling occasional non-work parties, bonding events like an Escape Room, or even a working lunch that includes time to talk about your personal lives.
  8. Encourage Health: Most office employees spend the majority of their day sitting, so encourage them to get up regularly to stretch or take a stroll at lunch. You might even consider programs to let them fit in exercise at noon or provide free healthy snacks.
  9. Employee-Driven Competitions: Give employees a sense of control by creating employee-driven competitions for sales or other goals.  Each employee can set their own personal goals and you can recognize their achievements with a wooden plaque or custom crystal awards.
  10. Reward Performance Regularly: Giving monthly or at least quarterly custom crystal awards for high-performing office staff can be a great incentive and increase the morale of your workers because they can display your appreciation.
  11. Break Routine: Everyone suffers from doldrums and gets stuck in routines. Spark creativity by scheduling time outside to work, or having a yoga instructor come in at the end of the workday twice a month.
  12. Music: Studies show that music can make us more productive, so playing music in your office can set a tone and make your employees able to focus better.
  13. Acknowledge Effort: While high performance is important, an employee who works above and beyond expectations needs to know they are appreciated too.  Consider offering custom crystal awards for "Outstanding Effort."
  14. Let Them Shine: Have regular opportunities, perhaps during lunch, for employees to share their work and what they are learning. Acknowledge their new skills with custom crystal awards.
  15. Challenge: Expect your employees to do more than they think by offering them weekly or monthly challenges and plaques or custom crystal awards for meeting your challenge.
  16. Celebrate Anniversaries: Don't forget to let employees know you are glad they have stuck with you by giving custom crystal awards at anniversary milestones.
  17. Facilitate Friendships: Work friendships boost satisfaction so help your team to get to know one another by making the lunch room a comfortable place to hang out.

Is it worth it? Frankly, hiring new employees is expensive and time-consuming, so it pays to spend some time making sure your experienced office workers stay. Better yet, follow these 17 tips and you will enjoy work more too!