Many employers use the Employee Appreciation Day to reward workers for their commitment and effort in the preceding year and motivate them to work even harder going forward. You shouldn't wait for just Employee Appreciation Day though. Many employers are keen to show gratitude at every available opportunity.

This is the right thing to do. Appreciating your employees shows them that you value their efforts and motivates them to give their all for the company.

Short of appreciation ideas? Below, we round up 17 affordable yet thoughtful options to consider;

  • Say “Thank You”

A simple “Thank You” when said out loud is the most heartfelt show of appreciation you can give to your employees.  

  • Say it With a Note

Other than saying it out loud, you can also say “Thank You” via a note. For a personal touch, deliver the note in person.

  • Say it Via Social Media

Nearly all workers use social media. You can, therefore, use the various social networks to thank and recognize your employees.

  • Plan an Office Awards Ceremony

It doesn’t have to be a big ceremony; just a small event to celebrate employees and hand out awards.

  • Produce and Give Out a Newsletter

Newsletters can be digital, but paper copies work best. Ensure to highlight employee achievements and mention names where necessary.

  • Invite a Guest Speaker

Motivational speakers help build employee morale. Find a local expert with a good reputation and ask them to speak at your event or workshop.

  • Offer Training

Every employee wants to grow and advance their career. Paying for their training is, therefore, another excellent way to touch their hearts.

  • Introduce an Employee Benefit/Initiative

Options that come to mind here include a mentoring program and an extra day off. No one can say no to that.

  • Order Pizzas

People love pizzas. So, why not treat them to a feast? To ramp up the excitement, find out and order each person’s favorite.

  • Invite a Local Band or Musician

Music is another thing everyone loves. Select a date and invite a well-known musician or band to perform.

  • Open to Karaoke?

Not everyone is a fan of this, but wait until you’re doing it together. Even the ever-serious staff will be singing their hearts out.

  • Play Board Games

Board games such as prank wars are loved by many. Ask employees to choose their favorite games and spend an afternoon playing together.

  • Take New Employees Out for Lunch

It’s the ultimate gesture to show them that you’re now family. If you can make it two or three lunches in their first two weeks, they’ll quickly feel at home.

  • Start a Suggestions Program

Essentially, you create a suggestion box for employees only and ask staff to anonymously drop their suggestions whenever they can.

  • Stock the Office with Snacks and Treats

Scientific research shows that fresh snacks trigger the production of happy hormones, thus boosting mood. Options to consider include dark chocolate, apples, and berries.

  • Take Time Off for a Company Dinner

Call a local restaurant and schedule a dinner for all company workers. The bill can be huge, but the motivational benefits make company dinners totally worth it.

  • Allow Staff to Leave Early on Fridays

Owing to the hectic nature of work days, workers are always looking forward to weekends and holidays. Make them even more excited about these breaks by allowing everyone to leave early on Fridays and the day before a holiday.

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There are many other simple and affordable ways to reward and appreciate your workers. Check out Able Recognition for additional tips.