Companies who offer thoughtful employee recognition awards show their employees that their leaders notice what is going on within the company’s infrastructure. Employees appreciate when they are recognized for their loyalty and that their efforts are noticed by company leaders.


Companies that recognize employee successes notice stronger employee engagement, increased morale, productivity, and longevity. Improving employee turnover is a challenge for most companies. You may wonder if you can fit awards into your budget – but can you afford not to?

The type of award you decide to give to your employees is as important as the meaning behind the recognition. There are many bestsellers to pick from at Able Recognition – and something for every type of award.


Everyone enjoys the recognition of their time, effort and work they do. Below are 10 ideas that you can give recognition for:

  1. Working overtime and filling in when needed. Within a company there are usually at least one or two employees who always step in to work overtime when it is needed. These folks are sometimes employees who are quiet and unassuming and don’t draw attention to themselves. Awards given to this type of employee helps them get the recognition they deserve.
  2. Newbie to the workplace. This award can be given to a company newcomer who has met requirements and has done an outstanding job. Newcomers will feel encouraged and news will get out that your employees are appreciated when the perform well.
  3. Ideas put into action. When you have an employee that has had an idea that is put into action – an award will encourage other workers to share ideas. Your employees will become motivated to be innovative and creative.
  4. Award for award ideas. Ask your employees what type of awards would mean the most. Keep in mind - awards don’t always have to be serious. Create a fun environment by initiating a fun award for the employee that comes up with the best award theme. To mix it up a little – have a contest for the most thoughtful award and the most creative (yet tasteful) award.
  5. Anniversary award. One of the most thoughtful employee recognition awards is that for a milestone anniversary with your company.
  6. Taking the lead. Sometimes there are employees who take the lead when it comes to a difficult job or project. The characteristics of these employees should be recognized for them to continue with their forward thinking and inspire others to take their turn at leading projects.
  7. High attendance. Employee absenteeism is something that plagues many businesses. Awards given for high work attendance will cheer others on to do the same.
  8. Peer to peer recognition. Recognition from co-workers to another is meaningful and creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace. You may ask your employees to come up with criteria that should be met to qualify or a nomination process to choose the best candidate.
  9. Don’t forget support staff. Sometimes support staff can be the quiet behind the scenes employees who have the responsibilities of keeping your business running smoothly, yet are least recognized. Make sure they get their due awards.
  10. Important life milestones. When a company acknowledges life milestones such as weddings, graduations, and births (to name a few) – they show their employees that they keep track of important details of their employees’ lives.


Able Recognition can help you choose the appropriate award to be given to your valuable employees for any occasion or award type or theme. Take a look at their amazing awards including beautiful crystal, art glass, and much more.