Wording Suggestions

Personalize Awards

Once you've chosen the perfect award, make it your own with personalization. Heighten the presentation with the wording, design and if possible your logo or some small graphic. A small design will give great impact to your carefully chosen wording if no logo is available. In addition to the recipient's name, please find some helpful wording suggestions below that you can use to make your award extra special! We find that simple is usually better, it is important keep in mind the amount of engraving space available on the award you have chosen.

Thank You Awards

  • "Thank you for your dedication"
  • "Your outstanding efforts are greatly appreciated"
  • "In appreciation of your outstanding service"
  • "In recognition of your outstanding commitment"
  • "We cannot thank you enough"

Years of Service Awards

  • "Thanks for (00) Great Years"
  • "Your Service Has Been Exemplary"
  • "Unmatched Performance for (00) Years"
  • "A Lifetime of Service (00) Years And Still Going Strong"
  • "Celebrating (00) years - Thank you for your dedication"
  • "(00) Years Service Award"
  • "In honor of your (00) years of outstanding service"
  • "(00) Years Anniversary Celebration"

Performance Awards

  • "Unparalleled Dedication. Unmatched Performance."
  • "Your Performance Inspires Us All"
  • "Your Success is Well-Deserved"
  • "In recognition of your hard work and leadership"
  • "Employee of the Month"
  • "Top sales executive of the year"
  • "Leadership Excellence Award"
  • "Top performer Award"

Retirement Awards

  • "For a Lifetime of Service"
  • "We Will Miss You"
  • "Enjoy Your Golden Years"
  • "In appreciation of your years of commitment to our company"
  • "Your Efforts Have Touched Us All""
  • "Best Wishes For The Future"

Customer Service Excellence

  • "For Keeping Customers Satisfied"
  • "We Thank You. Our Customers Thank You."
  • "Your Value To Our Customers is Immeasurable."
  • "For Dedicated Service To Our Customers"
  • "Customer Relations Excellence Award"
  • "For Going 'Above & Beyond' "

Effort Awards

  • "In Recognition of Your Efforts"
  • "Your Effort Inspires Us All"
  • "You’ve Made The Difference"
  • "Your Dedication Has Not Gone Unnoticed"
  • "Enjoy The Fruit Of Your Efforts"
  • "For excellent innovation and dedication"
  • "Achievement Award"
  • "In appreciation of your outstanding efforts"

Wording Examples

Still Need More Help?

We realize that sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to say and how to say it. You want to give the perfect award that will be remembered after the presentation. You also want to correctly express a message of recognition or thanks on the award itself.

  • 1. Name of the award or the reason the plaque is being presented
  • 2. Recipient‘s name
  • 3. Date that award is being presented
  • 4. Name of person, company, or organization that is presenting the plaque
  •         Including a logo is recommended!